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110 FORTY~SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 159. 1872. Posmoads es- From East Holden, via Dedham, South Dedham, and Ellsworth, to a

  • °g{SP°d i“ point two miles south of Dedham.

ams; . Nebraska; NEBRASKA. From Ashland, via Eagle, to Palmyre. From Columbus, via Clear Creek, Osceola, and Lincoln Creek, to York Centre. From Nebraska City, via Wilson’s Creek, to Ashland. From North Bend, via Hillsdale, to West Point. From Grand Island, via Juniata, to Red Cloud. From Cottonwood Springs, via Stockville, to Red Willow. From Bennett, via Solon, to Cropsey. From Fall City, Nebraska, to Sabetha, Kansas. From North Bend to Midland. From Plum Creek, via Arrapahoe and mouth of French1nan’s Fork, Nebraska, to Julesburg, Colorado Territory. From Columbus, via Pepperville and Summit, to Ulysses. From Bennett, via Laoni, to Beatrice. From Sutton, via Spring Ranch, to Meridian. From Grand Island, via Dannebrag, to Cotesfield. From Ashland to Lone Valley. From Ponca, Nebraska, to Texas, Dakota Territory. From Ponca, via Daily Branch and Morton’s Place, to Saint James. From Lincoln, via Tipton, Oak Creek, and Sand Creek, to Benton. C From Pleasant Hill, via Tabor, Lucieville, Empire, and Henry, to Red loud. From Papillion, via Forest City, to Ashland. From Fort Kearney, via Republican City and Alma City, to Arrapahoe. From Harvard, via Spring Ranch, to Red Cloud. From Fairmount, via McFadden, to York. From Columbus to Crete. From Adams Centre, via Gilson, to Red Cloud. From Fairmount, Nebraska, via Hebron, to Bellville, Kansas. From Red Cloud, Nebraska, to Fort Hays, Kansas. From York to Amity. From Norfolk, Nebraska, via Santee Agency, Springfield, Dayton, Scotland, Maxwell City, Red Earth, and Skunk Lake, to Dell City, Dakota Territory. From Columbus, via Hammond, to Niobrara. From.Lone Tree to Niobrara. From Syracuse, via Burr Oak, Hendricks, and Latrobe, to Laoni. From Palmyra, via Solon, to Latrobe. From Jenkins’ Mills to Concordia, Kansas. New Jersey, From Closter to Alpine. From Elizabeth to Lyons Farms. From Layton to Dingman’s Ferry. From Rudd’s Lake, via Mount Olive, to Drakestown. From Somerville, via Weston, Millstone, Blackwell’s, Griggstown, Harlingen, and Plainville, to Flaggtown. From Newton, via Tranquility and Huntsville, to Allamuchy. From Parsippany Station to Troy. From Caldwell to Centreville. From Caldwell, via Fairfield, to Pine Brook. From Flanders, via Naughtingsville, to German Valley. From Hamburg, via Beaver Run, to Papakating. From New Foundland, via West Milford, to Ringwood Furnace.