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122 FORTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II.Ch. 171, 172. 1872. - b]` b ilding to accommodate the custom-house, post-omce, and any gogsgfgiog gsm Ztggzr eificgs of the general government in said c1ty; aud to erect: thereon B‘“ld"g°°b° e building for the purposes aforesmd, the cost of szud s1te and bmldmg mmm being limited to my thousand dollars, of which amount twenty-five thm;- sand dollars are hereby appropriated, to be paid from any money in the Valid tide w treasury not otherwise appr0pr1ated:_Prownded,·Ths.t no mouey upppopp. N **9* °b°”·i“°‘r and Shel] be expended until a good trtle IS obtamed to the sue aforesaid, Ltgggqm; mx and the State of Maine shall code jurisdiction over the same to the United State States, and shall also duly release and relinquish to the United States the , right to mx or in any way ass:-nes said site or the property of the United States that may be thereon during the t1me that the United States shall be or remain the owner thereotl APPROVED, May 17, 1872. Ma"l8, 1872. A_ XXH__A A k· Aw · · to [Def. . . th A _");-`""""` Criarigtignlj; for the Serv;:: of c§};";}o:;·nrnentfw tg;;8scal3%;!endin;c%;i8tzrlyf erqlzzgp; hundred and seventy-two, andjbrformer Years, and for other Purposes. _ Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United D°“*£jQg;1 States of Anwrica in Congress asscmlzled, That the following sums, or so Eg-pghoggm md. much thereof as may be necessary, he, and the earne are hereby, approi¤8 ·7¤¤¤ 3°» priated for the service of the year ending June thirt1eth, eighteen hundred 1872* &°‘ and seventy-two, or for the period and purposes hereinafter expressed, namely: House of Rep- House of Representatives. —— For cartage for the House of Representa- "§Q;‘;:_;‘$M tives, three thousand dollars; and constructive cartage shall not hereafter Cayuga uv; w be be paid for, but all articles delivered on the trip shall be paid for as one P¤i9{<>F· Iced. And for a deficiency in the appropriation for folding documents, d°:3u°;;:§”_ including pay of folders and material therefor, thirty thousand dollars. Omeialm- To pay the official reporters of the Globe in each house the amount ¥°"“"' °f G]°b° which the com trcller of the treasur ma find sevemll due them for or 42d Congress. . . P . y y y 1m,ch,2g6_§ gg, services duuug the sessxous of the forty-second Congress, under the VM- ¤=iv· p- 823- eighteenth section of the act entitled “An act making appropriations for sundry civil expenses of the government for the year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and sixty-seven, and for other purposes," approved July twenty-eighth, eighteen hundred and sircty-six. BP9¤¥°¤‘ MY That the speaker xs hereby uut.h0r1zed to emplo a clerk, at a salary nppoxut a clerk . y 8W_ ’ of eighteen hundred dollars per annum, and no appointment on the goorhugpcfs rogs shall be made to take the place of the person hitherto emi e as cler to the speaker and from March first tc the close of this fiscgll ycur, sintlhundred dollars are hereby appropriated for his salary. Senate. mate. ——- at the payment of milea. e of Senators fo actual at- "££2:“§f£:), tandzmce at the session of the Senate convined on the tenth day of May, 10, 1811,¤um¤:- eighteen hundred and seventy-one, by proclamation of the President, is md- hereby authorized. Ni¤¤¤U¤¤¤¤¤¤- For miscellaneous items, fihseen thousand dollars. For labor, seven thousand five hundred dollars. For furniture, three thousand six hundred dollars. mating, sm., For expenses of heating and ventilatiug apparatus for Hsca.1 year ending ¤PP¤*'*“¤S· June tlurty, exglxteen hundred and seventy-one, four hundred dollars. John C. I<0r compensation of John C. Knowlton, for service as messenger in K¤°*"l*°¤- the Sonata during the month of April, eighteen hundred and sixty-uiuc, one hundred and twenty dollars. Sm nr Cam- T0 pay Rives and Bailey for complete sets of the Conal G1 b . _ _ gresmon 0 e g>’*;’fk§t'm*£;';*j° eguéimurcgggzdxrci f\1T;l1S;l6? 1tofSen;tors hwho had not previously received . e ac o u t‘ - @:%,1:%} 25(ZBJSZII thouémd and Eva Mum. y our , mg teen hundred and srxty four, three C1]m,h‘tQ*c0m; 1<0r clerks to committees, pages, horses, and eau-ryalls, ten thousand mhtegg, &c_ dollars. C¤x>1¤¤! x>¤¤¤¤· Oapstcl Palace.- For captain of the police, two hundred and eighty-