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124 FORTY·-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 172. 1872. Constantinople. first, eighteen. hundred and sixty-six, to March thirty-first, eighteen hundred and sixt -seven, four hundred dollars. Y Cemetery in For improvements and alteration of the Protestant cemetery in Malaga Mal?;? Spain, five hundred dollars. · ° iu ¤¤=i¤•>· To reimburse the consul of the United States in the city of Mexi f the care of the Protestant American cemetery during the past yeziii: fd: the cprrentdiiscal year, and to pay salary of keeper, five hundred dollars, one t ousau one hundred and five dollars. Hslzpe Some! C Forsthe anpual proportion of the United States of the expenses of ape parte ight, on the coast of Morocco, two hundred and eightyefive dollars. lcgélgztgtgum se For additional expenses of the United States legation in France, con- Fmcp ouent upon the removal of the seat of government from Paris to Versa1l1l`es,deight hundred dollars. Extraordinary o efray the extraordinary expenses of the American minister to the

 kingdom of Italy occasioned by the removal of its capital from Turin to

1,,;, · Florence and from Florence to Rome, six thousand dollars. foplgzzzgrgw :I`o enable Robert C. Sehenck, minister to Great Britain, to pay his scm16k_ ‘ private amanuensrs, as provided by joint resolution approved January Vol.xvi. 1;.590. eleventh, eighteen hundred and seventy-one, from the date of the approval of said joint resolution to Julylfirst, eighteen hundred and seventy-one, Comm? on? ousand one hundred and eighty dollars. building MTM_ or repairs to the consular building at Tangiers, three thousand dollars, gsm_ pir so much thereof as may be necessary, to be expended under the direc- , Hpgdmeghe Secretary of State, to be available until the end of the next s f • A“‘°’l°¤¤¤¢¤· For the relief and protection of A e‘ ‘

§6,;,;,g,, Ongfmngmd thousmdgollmsl m rrcan seamen in oreign countries,
  • 00 -¤¤ ¤¤· www respecting ood-No/ies.-—~—For· continuin the' ‘ ‘ t th

4;;:;.,13; czfitlge dgcregsedog tpe food—Hshes of the coast sid of lililel shred a ve un re dollars. Report of com- For preparation of the illu ° missi . _ strauons, tables and so f th f th t mm ggughg United States commissioner of nsh hud fishegilesffive driiiidifed Mints and i bmuonss. UNITED srnns mms AND mznucuns Branch mint nt Branch Mint, San. Francisco U Z` ' ~ .· . . , at om .——F San lrnnueco. adyusmys, twenty-one thousand five lih-ndriezd dollgswages of Workmen and M C¤f¤¤¤ Branch Mnt Carson Oi· City, mcncienc d _! H ty: -N-Wada- ~— FOP salaries and expenses, Seventy ));h!;1r€§0u§;:l1 yieap ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and » dollars. For wages of workmen and ad' · . . justers for fiscal d- tiopigreuggfiiepgppndred and setgenty-tv;o,,six thousaddadolhirhvg Jung um, _ xpenses wi s ,1 · . · · - cluding wood, charcoal, and , freight?fogrtheqiigalmyzhelghdids Sth? ggilpmwghteeu hundred and seventy-two, twelve thousand fohr hrsndred For contingent expenses of the same 0 - . , _ haracter f th fi l gpdgug Jugs thlftiehhs eight/een hundred and seventy,0;nd Irrndelririihiths Am wmca &§0:‘;°tTd62(3g;;d _“¤11hS°V6¤¢y-One, three thousand dollars. For this; ns. st. · r—..·,a.,, tw., o31JE..f.§222§T€§°é°30Hf"‘° “3”"°m“" ”‘”“ °“” ““"° Independent Independent Treasury. .-. Comin this an me cents' 'hfggvyh 90 sixth, eighteen hundred and forty§n GIPPGDES uml? the mt of August ,4:. . L _. , 'lXi‘01` ecoection saf-ke ' Vol ur, p, 6g_ dmggpirxng, and disbursement of the public moneys, one huridred€thoi)1ieh1i5i To p8)' deficiendesth ] ·‘ . 0mm of the Msmgm 2mg;;: egeilgvogigzlegs, clerihs, and others in the year, nine thousand three hundred and four dollaiii y or the Present HSM