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158 FORTYZSECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 201-204. 1872. district courtw in the city of Toledo, Ohio, in each year from and after the passage of b¤h¤1<1¤¤T¤1<=¢i¢>· this set, the time and the length of the terms to be fixed by the Judge Of said court. Approved, May 23, 1872. May 23, 1872. CHA]?. CCh. -An Act to regulate criminal Practice in the federal Courts. Be it enacted by the Senate and House q/' Representatives of the United When demo;. States of America in Oongress assembled, That in every case where a rers in crirfnirwi demurrer is interposed to an mdwtment, 0I' to ally Count or counts thereof;

Ogféwge or to any infomation in any court of the United States, and such demm-.

overruled, judg- rer shall be overruled by the court, the judgment thereupon shs.11 bg mnt of *€¤P°¤‘;° respondeat-ouster; and thereupon a trial may be ordered at the same 2§Zl}$i?°°r °° term, or a continuance may be ordered as justice may require. Tris!. Approved, May 23, 1872. 2 s . CHARCCIII.-—AnAct " the.4 : O trhSb ‘¢‘ MDM': -"£‘f¤3i?- .,,» t· s3i".§»n.,E?f3...‘3C¢ 33€¤'i€Zt$.a,£RZ;5°Zi’§’Z~'L£.’§an‘§,. ”"° Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the ·United _ Act suthoriz- States of America in Congress assembled, That the act of the legislative g;¤Cj§;gnQ’,;gy;g= assembly of the District of Columbia entitled "An act to authorize a mbmgbsm subscnption to the stock of the Piedmont and Potomac Railroad Com- $9%* of W6 d pany upon certain conditions " be, and the same is hereby, approved and Plgolgzgtlglk sanctioned: Provided, That before any part of the said subscription shall 006 approved. be paid the governor and the board of public works, acting separately, subéwlgggigf shall be satisiied that said railroad will be completed and used to a point gm ,,,,5,, on the Potomac river opposite the city of Washington or Georgetown by the aid of said subscription: And provided, That no part of the said subscription by said district shall be paid until one million dollars shall havsmhheen subscribed by private parties and shall have been actually paid in and expended in the construction of the road: And provided further, That the said Piedmont and Potomac Railroad Company shall enter into bonds in the sum of eight hundred thousand dollars, with good and sufficient individual sureties, to be approved by the governor of the District of Columbia and Secretary of the Treasury of the United States, conditioned for the repayment, with interest, of the money subscribed to the capital stock of the said company by the said district, if the said company shall fail to complete the said road for the runnin of cars within three years from the. acceptance of the six hundred thous§nd dollars to be subscribed by the said district; and no part of such subscription shall be paid until such bond be given, approved, and filed in the office of the secretary of the District of Columbia: And provided jin·ther, That the tax levied by authority of this said act shall not exceed thirty-six thousand do-Ilars for mterest in any one year: And provided also, That no bonds to rtuse the funds that may be required to pay the said subscription shall be disposlezdoof by laid tggtrigzag less than par. van, ay , . May 23, 1872. CHAP. CCIV. -.411 Act tolpfgdranlevfront Segtement and Sale a certain Section <y" ‘ n an yummy emmiy. Be it enacted tire Senate and House of Representatives of the United mdpcticnlofland States of America in Qimgress assembled, That section thirty, township ,,.m_i{;:’m gg fourteen north, range sixty-seven west, of the public lands in Laramie served lily me County; WYONIUQ T@1’f1l?0l‘y,`bQ, Md the Same is hereby, withdrawn from

   of settlement and sale under existing laws, and reserved for the use of the

supply Ofwam city of. Qheyenne, ni sa1d county, for the purpose of enabling the proper authorities of said city to construct and maintain on said land a reservoir of water for the supply of said city. W¤¤w0¢<=¤py Sec. 2. That said section of land shall, for the purpose named in the