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166 FORTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. H. Ch. 233. 1872. Indian appr0~ bands of Shoshoues, in Western Utah and Eastern Nevada, one thousand P¤*¤*~l°¤· Eve hundred dollars. _ _ sumgem. For three sub-agents, one for the tribes 111 Oregon, viz.: Aleseu sub. agency; and two for the tribes in Washington Temtory, viz. : Tulahp and Quimrielt sub-agencies, three thousand dollars. _ _ _ Clerks. For pay of clerk to superintendent for Cahfomia, one thousand eight hundred dollars. d §`0r temporary clerks to superintendents, six thousand six hundred o ars. Iumpmmn. For pay of ninety interpreters, as follows: Twenty-one for the tribes in Oregon and the Territories of Washington, Utah, and New Mexico, at five hundred dollars each; thirty-six for the tribes elsewhere, at four hundred dollars each; seventeen extra for the tribes elsewhere, at four hundred dollars cuch; three for the Indian service m Utah, at five hundred dollars each; one for the Shoshoues and one for the Utahs, at one thousand dollars each ; one for the Sissetou and Wahpewu bands of Sioux, four hundred dollars; one for the Sacs and Foxes of the Mississippi, uow in Tama county, Iowa, four hundred dollars; nine for the Indian service in the Territories of Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming, and the State of Nevada, at five hundred dollars each; in all, forty thousand five hun- Agcncy buiId— ircé douaysf _ _ lugs. 1+ or burldmgs at ugencres, and repairs of same, teu thousand dollars. Vueaimzion. For- vaccine matter and vaccination of Indians, five thousand dollars. Prcecnts and For presents to and provisions for Indians ten thousand dollars. P"‘§:;{';‘;*$“d m_ For actual expenses incurred, and that may hereafter be incurred, by tum of grjsogjgyg officers of the Indian department, in the rescue of prisoners from Indian WT of tribes and returning them to their homes, and for expenses incident to ’ " the arrest and confinement within the territor of the Unit d St te b pe ¤ 1 d Y ° a Sv Y willijgriuigrgc order of such officers, of pcrsous charged with crimes against Indians, ¤K¤¤¤*I¤di*¤¤¤· five thousand dollars. E:g;¤¤z¤¤¤t ex- _ For contingencies, including travelling, incidental, current, and com- °°trugcnt éengpanses of superintendents and agents, and of their offices, fifty icuszux dollars. " Apaches, Apaches Ktowas and Oomrmches.-For fifth of thirty instalments as

 provided to be expended under the tenth article treaty of October twerity—

v.,]_x\,_ Pp_ first, mtghteeu hundred and sixty-seven, concluded at Medicine Lodge 684. 590- Creclc, m Kausfus, withl the Kiowus u11d_ Comzmches, and under the third uruc o treaty o same me with the Apaches thirty thousand dollars. For purchase of clothing, as provided ’in same treaties, twenty-six thousand dollars. For puy of carpenter, farmer, blacksmith, miller, and engineer, tivo thousand two hundred dollars. For pay of physician and tca>.che1·, two thousand five hundred dollars. For trux1nportu.tion of goods, five thousand dollars. Apmm. dpachcs. -—·t For thus amount, to subsist and properly care for the Apache Indums in Arizona and Now Mexxco who have been or may be collected on reservations lll New Mexico and Arizona, two hundred and fifty thousand m:Vb*;::§'l:3_*;;i· dollars: Protndcd, That this appropriation shall be expended only in behalf ,m,,.,,,,m,m,,,_ gg time Indians who go and remain upon said reservations and refrain from s 1 res. Chfgtgrxgtt. Fofggaggugs, Ohggcrztxs, 11{Jaches, [Gowns, Oomrmches, and Wichitas.—— rp,,,,;,?,, K,,_ h I Y nco 0 no rupu wes, Cheye1mes,Aps.che, Knowas, and C0ma11—

3,M»3m3¤¤», 0 0 minus, aud Wichita Indians (aud transportation of the same), who

· hare been collected ugou tho reservauons set apart for their use and occupuuou, two hundred t. ousund dol1m·s. G 8£1rz5·§av·ees,lGros dVentres, umd Mandans. -— For this amount, to be exmd mnduusc c _ in suc -1 goo s, provisions, und other articles, as the Presrdeut may `lOl1I tune to t1me determine, mcluding tmnsp0rmti011 thereof, in instructing m agricultural and mechanical pursuits, in providing employees, educating