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192 FORTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 234, 235, 239-241. 1872. term to use, and vend others to use, said improvement in horse-powers so constructed or used. Aprnovnn, May 29, 1872. May 29, 1372, CHAP. CCXXXV.—An Act to increase the capital Stock and to extend the l17m-k,; of -—-——-——--- the Was/zington Gas-Light Conqrany. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Washington States of America in Congress assembled, That the capital stock of the S”—‘*‘“¤h*°9m‘ Washington Gas-Light Company be, and the same is hereby, increased gfsbenigycllgm two hundred thousand dollars, with the privilege of increasing it not exstock- ceeding one million dollars, as the same may be required from time to time, for extending their works in the District of Columbia east of Rock Creek: P1‘<>Vi¤<>¤· Provided, however, That said increase of capital stock shall not be made from undivided profits of said company which have already accrued, or may hereafter accrue, but from capital actually paid in: Provided also, That said increased capital stock shall be subject to all the conditions of the charter of said Washington Gas-Light Company. Approved, May 29, 1872. May 30, l872· CHAP. CCXXXIX. -An Act sgpplemental to an Act entitled “An Act forr the Appar- ·‘—‘—‘—*··‘· tionment of Representatives to ongress among the several States according to the ninth E2, ;h·2g°· Census." , _ Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United mO“° "d‘l!*l°’l°l States of America in Congress assembled, That from and after the third pl`€S€Yll8{lVB ll'!. . , gongmss to each day of March, eighteen hundred and seventy-three, the following States 0f ¢¤r¤¤i¤ Strrtw shall be entitled to one representative each in the Congress of the United States in addition to the number apportioned to such States by the act entitled "An act for the apportionment of representatives to Congress among the several States according to the ninth 0ensus,” approved February second, eighteen hundred and seventy-two, to wit : New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Tennessee, Louisiana, Alabama, and Florida, and be elected by separate districts, as in said act d£<::i¥;;¤z)rl;;_ directed: Provided, ’l`hat in the election of representatives to the forty- thm COHEN5s_ third Congress only, m any State wh1ch by this law is given an increased number of representatives, the additional representatives allowed to such State may be elected by the State at large, unless the legislature of said State shall otherwise provide before the time fixed by law for the election of representatives therein. Armovzn, May 30, 1872. May 81, 1872. CHAP. COX]':. —Af4 Ad,/irrivg the Rank 0/` Professors ty' Mathematics in the United ·······—·———-—- , States Navy. Be it enacted by the Senate and Abuse of Representatives of the United Nipmber and States of America in Congress assembled, That the ninth section of the

2; ¤‘}fn§’;‘Q,Q°; naval appropriation bill, approved March third, eighteen hundred and

matics in the seventy-one, be amended by inserting, after the clause relating to the g2g6d S'¤*°¤ chaplains, the following clause: 1,,-H, 0h_ 117, ·There shall be three professors of mathematics, who shall have the reliviti xvi P 586 atxve rank of captain; four that of commander ; and five that of lieuten- ' ‘ ‘ "ant oommander or heutenant. Approved, May 31, 1872. May 81, 1872. CHAP. CCXLI. —An Act relating to the Creation of new Land Districts. Be it enacted by the Senate and House o R resentatives o the United lamigtpiix m éltates of America in Congress assembled? thgt hereaiter if case of the mqs ,;y,.&c_ division of exmting land districts by the erection of new ones, or by a

tprtLg~ change of Ibouudames by the President of the United States, all businesfs

in such original dxstmcts shall be entertamed and transacted, without prej-