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194: FORTY-—SECOND CONGRESS. Suss. H. Ch. 242-244. 1872. Secretary of War approval, a plan with the necessary drawings of their bridge conforming

  • 9** ¢PP¤>V¤•i b? to the above requirements, nor until he shall approve the_plan· and loca.

h“§jmges_ tion of said bridge and notify the company of the same in writing; and should any change be made in the plan of the bridge, during the progress of the work thereon, such change shall be subject likewise to the approval of the Secretary of War; andthe said structure shall be at all times s0 kept and managed as to offer reasonable and proper means for the passage Passage or of vessels through or under said structure; and the said structure shall be '°”°’“· changed at the cost and expense of the owners thereon from time to time, as Congress may direct, so as to preserve the free and convenient nauiga- Riiht to erect, tion of said river. And the authority to ierect and continue said bridge €;°:mm§f1_“‘“Y shall be subject to revocation or modificatmn by law whenever the pubhe good shall, in the judgment of Congress, so requ1re, without any expense or charge to the United States. _ Act may be Sec. 5. That the right to alter or amend this act, so as to prevent or

      • °’°d- remove all material obstructions to the navigation of said river by the

construction of said bridge without expense to the United States, is hereb express} reserved. yAP1-‘ROVgD, May 31, 1872. May 81, 1872. CHAP. CCXLIH.—An Act to provide for u Buildinp for lhs Use of the Past-office, ··—······——-— United States circuit and district Courts, and interna Revenue Ofices, at [Rica, New York. Bc it enacted by the Schatz and House of Representatives of the United Bgsllnglig bs States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of the

 yQF(_ {$5* Treasury he, and he is hereby, authorized and directed to cause to be conp<>st—<>ilice, structed a suitable building, with a fire·proof vault extending to each

°°“""h°“”°· S"' story, at Utica, New York, for the mmmoaanon of the post—oi·Hce, United States circuit and district courts, and internal revenue offices; and APv¤>p1'i¤U0¤· for this purpose there is hereby appropriated, out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated, the sum of two hundred thousand dollars, to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of the Treas- Phms md mi. ury, who shall cause proper plans and estimates to be made, so that no exm¤;f9¤·_tw penditure shall be made or authorized for the full completion of said Wn3Q1am_ °x' building and payment for the site thereof beyond the amount herein ap- No money to propriated: Provided, That no money hereby appropriated shall be used lG*n;*:1dém2s*h° or applied for the purposes mentioned until a valid title to the land for the lm tide and the site of such building shall be vested in the United States, nor until the State riglitjo mx is rc- shall also duly release and relinquish to the United States the right to tax l‘“‘l""`h°d‘ or in any way assess said site, or the property of the United States that may be thereon, during the time that the United States shall be or remain the owner thereoii Approved, May 3l, 1872. Mw 3]-• 1872- CHAP. CCXLIV.-An Act to chan et' """"""""" Lowell, Massachusetts, ¢0gt}ich2§;c§'1o£o($ri?elI};?.g¢1c0}i1zff:e{>;?tl0”al Bank of Bc it enacted by the Senate and House o R resentatives 0 the United H°5:;l§>:r?kI‘;¤;— States of America in Congress assembled;. Tgt the Railroé-d National Lowcu may Bank of Lowell, now located at Lowell, in the county of Middlesex, and cjnungeitsloeu- State of Massachusetts, is hereby authorized to ohanue its location to “°"‘° B°**°”· Boston in the county-of Suffolk, and State aforesaid? Whenever the stockholders, representing three-fourths of the capital of said bank, at a mdzzzaedhow to meeting called for that purpose, determine to make such change, the ‘ president and cashier shall execute a certificate, under the corporate seal of the bank, specifying such determination, and shall cause the same to be recplrdeld in the office of the Comptroller of the Currency, and thereupon New mm $3 5:6 ange of location shall be effected, and the operations of discount · posit of said bank shall be carried on under the name of the Rail-