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FORTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 255, 256. 1872. 199 fine, or fine and cost, and after notice to the district attorney of the United Discharge of States who may appear, offer evidence, and be heard, the commissioner P°°' °°'“'l°*$- shall proceed to hear and determine the matter; and if on examination it shall appear to him that such convict is unable to pay such fine, or Hue and cost, and that he has not any property exceeding twenty dollars in value, except such as is by law exempt from being taken on execution for debt, the commissioner shall administer to him the following oath: “I do p,.,,,,,,,,,u,,g,_ solemnly swear that I have not any property, real or personal, to the amount of twenty dollars, except such as is by law exempt from being taken on civil precept for dcbt by the laws of (state where oath is administered); and that I have no property in any way conveyed or concealed, or iu any way disposed of, for my future use or benefit. So help me God." And thereupon such convict shall be discharged, the commissioner giving to the jailer or keeper of the jail a certificate setting forth the facts. Ssc. 15. That if at any time after such discharge of such convict it Ifthe convict shall be made to appear that in taking the aforesaid oath he swore falsely, ’“”°°E *$*l*·‘*lY» M he may be indicted, convicted, and punished for perjury, and be liable to §:,°iy,,j°“l;3?ish°d the penalties prescribed in section thmteen of an act entitled "An act 1g2s, ch- 65, more eifectually to provide for the punishment of certain crimes against hg, iv us the United States, and for other purposes," approved March third, A. D.`p` ` eighteen hundred and twenty-five. Sec. 16. That the fees of the commissioner for the examination and Fees ofeemcertificate provided for in this act shall be five dollars per day for every ¤l¤¤i°¤°¤· day that he. shall be engaged in such examination. Approved, June 1, 1872. CHAP. CCLVI.—-An Act making Appropriations for the Service of the Post—o_]7ice De- June 1, 1872. partmentjbr the Year ending June thirty, eighteen hundred andseventgthree. '*";"" Be it enacted bg the Senate and House of Representatives of the (hzited _ _ States of America in Oangress assembled, That the following sums be, and ,Ofl;l:;?(l’,‘,,:;‘°“ the same are hereby, appropriated for the service of the Post-oflice De- d.,,,g,{m,,¤t_ partment for the year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy- three, out of any moneys in the treasury arising from the revenues of said 1836 h 2 0 Department, in conformity to the act of July second, eighteen hundred v01_',,? go: and thirty-six, as follows : For inland mail transportation, thirteen million twenty-four thousand I¤l=’·¤d mullsseven hundred and sixty-three dollars. For pay of mail-messengers, six hundred and three thousand six hun- Messengers. dred and seventy-four dollars. For pay of route-agents, nine hundred and thirty-eight thousand and Route agents. five dollars. For pay of mail-route messengers, seventy thousand eight hundred and M,,,;-,-wu, forty-one dollars. m<>5S¢¤S¤¥¤· For pay of local agents, fifty-eight thousand four hundred and eighty- Local agents. six dollars. For pay of railway post-oflioe clerks, nine hundred and fifty thousand Clerks. dollars. For pay of baggage-masters in charge of through-mails, six thousand Baggage—maetwo hundred dollars. l°”· For foreign mail transportation, three hundred thousand dollars. _ Foreign mails. For ship, steamboat, and way letters, ten thousand seven hundred and Ship. &<=-.1¢¢· fifty dollars. ms` For compensation to postmasters, five million five hundred and twenty- Postmmors, five thousand dollars. °]"kS‘ ind M` ter carriers. For pay of clerks for post-oihcos, two million eight hundred thousand dollars. For pay of letter-carriers, one million four hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars.