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222 FORTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 291. 1872. . .— ct thorizin the Construction o a Bs across the Mss '

 CHAl)Ziv€Sd;§o£ite tddrditlnilrilthe corpgarate Limits of Néhraskdldity, Nebraska. mm

Be it enacted by the Senate and [abuse of Representatives of the United {Nebraska City States of America in Congress assembled, That it shall be lawful for the

 C°:l'“*‘{ Nebraska City Bridge Company, a corporation having authority from the

gm, mag, ’ State of Nebraska and from the State of Iowa, to bu1ld a railroad, transit, ncwgs the Mis- and wagon bridge across the Missouri river, opposite to or in the immedi- §‘§;‘QQ8';;;’LQl;?' ate vicinity of Nebraska city, in the county of Otoe, and State of N ebraska; Bridge tch and that when constructed, all trains of all railroads terminating at the rm- me of g]1, Missouri river at or near the location of said bridge shall be allowed to &¤·; cross said bridge, for a reasonable compensation, to be paid to the owners thereof; and that all other property, goods, passengers, teams, and other fe ¤¤t $31 i¤¤l>¤¤*; modes of transit shall be allowed to cross said bridge; and that said bridge ti;;;" ”"'“"' shall not interfere with the free navigation of said river beyond what is necessary in order to carry into effect the rights and privileges hereby in case ofliti- granted; and in case of any litigation arising from' any obstruction, or §:t;l‘l';k°:r‘;;‘;°*? alleged obstruction, to the free navigation of said river, the cause may be tried before the district or circuit court of the United States of any State in or opposite to which any portion of said obstruction or bridge may be. Duty pftlw Sec. 2. That the corporators named in the above incorporation shall f|‘;,§ffQ"fQl‘€§‘he hold the said charter here granted in trust for the sole and exclusive use clxsiter ofsaid and benefit of any person or persons, company or companies, corporation bridge company. gp corporations, who shall build, erect, and complete such bridge herein provided in accordance with the provisions of this act; and said original incorporators shall transfer and assign, without any remunerative compensation, all their rights to any party or parties, company or companies, corporation or corporations, who shall erect said bridge; and if said corporators, or any of them, shall refuse or fail to make such transfer, upon the payment of the reasonable expenses thereof; they may be compelled P¤>Vi¤¤· to do so by any court having jurisdiction: Provided, That the said Nebraska City Bridge Company, and their associates, shall fail to commence in good faith the erection of said bridge within one year from the passage of this act, and complete the said bridge without unnecessary and unreasonable delay in accordance with the provisions of this charter. blgigsggtxnbs S1cc._3. That any bridge built under the provisions of this act may, at or with unbroken the option of person or persons, or corporation building the same, be built spans; as a drawbridge, with a pivot—draw, or with unbroken or continuous spans: Provided, That if the same shall be made of unbroken continuous spans, it shall not be of less elevation, in any case, than fifty feet above extreme high-water mark, as understood at the point of location, to the bottom chord _ of the bridge, nor shall the spans of said bridge be less than two hundred ifwith un- and fifty feet in length; and the piers of said bridge shall be parallel with b"°l‘°“ “P'·““i the current of the river, and the main span shall be over the main channel of the river, and not less than three hundred feet in length: And provided if as a dmw— also, That if a bridge shall be built under this act as a drawbridoe, the same b"dg°· shall be constructed as a pivot drawbridge, with a draw over the? main channel of the river at an accessible and navigable point, and with spans of not less than one hundred and sixty feet in length in the clear on each side of the central or pivot pier of the draw, and the next adjoininv spans to the draw shall not be less than two hundred and fifty feet; and sdid spans shall not be less than thirty feet above low-water mark, and not less than ten feet above extreme high-water mark, measuring to the bottom chord of the brid oe, ig£>¤¤¤ M6 and the piers of said bridge shall be parallel with the current of the rivdrz P Dym to be And provided also, That said draw shall be opened promptly upon reasonopesed promptly. able signal, for the passage of boats whose construction shall hot be such as to admit of their passage under the permanent spans of said bridge except C tl 33:1; tigrisizrgppjassinghover-gh; sainie, but in no case shall unnecessary orpova mn, _ mng e sa1 raw uring or after the ass e of trains: li &¤-· my And provzdod further, That the corporation building said hridgg may, if not