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228 FORTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 309, 310. 1872. ... ° ed.‘lhcfbuvf’•Ar¢idcv theTreat 0 F

 C‘£t,PttE,$i@;t, e駒tf»Z‘£ZJZZt’ L2'.'} ."€,€.`,.M.., wich W SMC., Shawna`;  

and other n {ans. Preamble. Wrmmcn s, by the fourth article of the treaty of February twenty-third, Vol. xv. pp- eighteen hundred aud sixty-seven, with H10 Shawnee, Quapuw, and other ’14·52°· Indians, the strip of lands belonging to said Quapaws lying within the State of Kansas was sold to the United States, and intended, by the amendment to said article, to be sold to actual settlers, under the preemption laws of the United States; but whereas, by the manner of insertion of said amendment, the said lands are left without any provisions for their disposal: Therefore, {br the purpose of carrying out the intention of the treaty and of its amendments, Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Represenlativec of the United Amendment of States 0 f America in Ovngress assembled, That the said amendment shall ¤¤¤*Y d¢<=l¤*¢d¥<> not be construed as authorizing or providing for the disposal of the lands ff,}’£:?t'{;`°t of the said Quapaw Indians, which, by the fourth article of the said treaty Quapaw Indians. of February twenty-third, eighteen hundred and sixty-seven, were sold to the United States at one dollar and fifteen cents an acre, and lying and being within the boundary of the Indian Territory, but said amendment shall refer to, and be construed to authorize and direct, the disposal of the strip of land therewfore belonging to said Indians, lying and being within the State of Kansas, and which, by the aforesmd article of said treaty, were [was] sold to the United States for one dollar and twenty-Eve cents an acre. cuminmdm Src. 2. That the said strip of land within the State of Kansas, so Kansas ceded to ceded to the United States by the said Quapaw band of Indians, be, and €‘y°tH:‘&°fa§!*$°“ the same is hereby, declared open to entry and pre-emption, under the Indians opmm pre-eruption laws of the United States, at the price of one dollar and MGQ and P¤'¤· twenty-five cents an acre, excepting therefrom one haliisection, to be °"}f’;;’§§;,y_¤e°_ patented to Samuel G. Vallier, including his improvements, as provided tion no samuel in the fourth article of said treaty; and all such pre-emptions shall be G·V"·U‘°’· ·paid for in the lawful money of the United States, at the proper land office of the United States, within one year from the date of settlement, or where settlement was made before the passage of this act, then within Tracts pm on one year from the passage of the same: Provided, That in case any set-

' mw tler has entered upon and improved a single tract, not exceeding one hungovcgnmm dred and sixty acres, a part of which is embraced in said Quapaw strip,

mip. and a part on the government strip, so called, his entry of the part on the government strip, under the pre-emption laws, shall not prevent the entry of the remainder of his tract upon said Quapaw lands, in the State of Kansas, under this act. Armzovnu, June 5, 1872. _§g_é‘l[; CHAP. CCCX. —An Act to ? Zz? G¢; at and Little Osage Indians a Reservation 1 · · 6 11 lah CTT! 0711]. Preamhle. WHEREAS by the treaty of eighteen hundred and sixty-six between the ,wX°ébf“'· PP- `glglte? gtzteg thei Cgerokge nation ffglndians, said nation ceded to ’ m e i lan s west 0 the ninet -sixth meridian west longitude, for the settlement of friendly Indians Zhereon; and whereas 1310,,,1,, 296, by act of Congress approved July fifteenth, eighteen hundred and seventy, 963- i 862 the President was authorized and directed to remove the Great and Lit- ' 'p' `tlc Osage Indians to a location in the Cherokee country west of the D EEEZEZESFT EIQZWEEQSSS IE? SSS i€)‘3ZZ‘3S£’€),T’ *2212 JZL§hZc?E?€$.,$“?ZSZ that the lands of the Osages in Kansas should be sold by the United States, and so much of the proceeds thereof as were necessary should be apprcnrmted for the payment to the Cherokees for the lands set apart for the sa1d Qsages west of the ninety-sixth meridian; and whereas under the prov1810ns of the above-mentioned treaty and act of Congress and