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FORTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Suse. II. Ch. 315. 1872. 235 Coltsfoot (crude drug) ; ,;,;;,,1,,, Gxgmpt Contrayerva-root; from duty <>¤ Md Copper, old, taken from the bottom of American vessels compelled by i;??;-_Aug“t l' marine disaster to repair in foreign ports; Cowage down; Cow or kine pox, or vaccine virus; Cubebs ; Curling-stones or quoits; Curry and curry powders; Cyanite or kyanite; Diamonds, rough or uncut, including glaziex·’s diamonds; Dried bugs; Dried blood ; Dried and prepared flowers; Elecampane-root ; Ergot ; Fans, common palm-leaf ; Farina; Flowers, leaves, plants, roots, barks, and seeds, for medicinal purposes, in a crude state, not otherwise provided for; Firewood; Flint, Hints, and ground iiint-stones; Fossels; Fruit, plants tropical and semi-tropical for the purpose of propagation or cultivation ; Galanga, or galangal; Garancine; Gentian-root ; Ginger-root ; Ginseng-root ; Goldbeaters’ molds and goldbeaters’ skins; Gold-size; Grease, for use as soap-stock only, not otherwise provided for; Gunny-bags and gunny—cloth, old or refuse, fit only for remanufacture; Gut and worm-gut, manufactured or unmanufactured, for whip and other cord ; Guts, salted ; Hair, all horse, cattle, cleaned or unclcaned, drawn or undrawn, but unmanufactured ; Hair of hogs, curled, for beds and mattresses, and not tit for bristles ; Helleboreroot ; Hide cuttings, raw, with or without the hair on, for glue·stock; Hide-rope ; Hides, namely, Angora goat·skins, raw, without the wool, unmannfactured; asses' skins, raw, umnanufactured; Hides, raw or uncured, whether dry, salted, or pickled, and skins, except sheep-skins with the wool on; Hones and whetstones ; H0p—roots for cultivation ; Horn-strips ; Indian hemp (crude drug) ; Indio or Malacca joints, not further manufactured than cut into suitable lengths for the manufacture into which they are intended to be converted; Iridium; Isinglass, or fish-glue; Istlc, or Tampico Eber; Jalap ; I Josstick or Josslight; K Jute butts;