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296 FOR’1Y—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 335. 1872. Post-office Department, and no such deduction shall be valid unless found to be in conformity with law. Compensation Sec. 90. That whenever, by reason of the presence of a military or naval

  • `°’ “¤“$“2l b“°l· force near any post-office, or from any other cause, unusual business accrues

Egg? any pm- thereat, the Postmaster-General shall make a special order allowing reason. able compensation for clerical service? and a propoggonate Lncrease of salary to the ostmaster durin the time 0 such extrao inary usiness. Post-omoss may S120F9i. That the P€>stmaster—General may discontinue any post-office l’° dlS°°¤°i¤“°d· where the safety and security of the postal service and revenues are oodangered from any cause whatever, or where the efficiency of the service Auditorwb, shall re uire such discontinuance, and he shall romptl certif such dis- ¤<>*i6¤d- oontinudlnce to the auditor for the Post—office Dgvartmerlt. y Letter-carriers Sec. 92. That letter-carriers shall be employed for the free delivery of fg? frog deliver)' maihmatter, as frequently as the public convenience may require, at every gu :x;,I;f;,t;;;t place containing a population of fifty thousand within the dplivery of its post—office, and at such other p aces as the Postmaster- `eneral may direct. their salary; Sec. 93. That the salary of letter-carriers shall be fixed by the Postmaster-General, and shall not exceed eight hundred dollars per annum; but on satisfactory evidence of diligence, fidelity, and experience, he may increase their salary to any sum not exceeding one thousand dollars per in Sm, F,,m_ annum; and in San Francisco, California, he may pay such additional cisco. salaries to carriers as will secure the services of competent persons. Uniform to be Slcc. 94. That the Postmaster-General may prescribe a uniform dress worn by letter- to be worn by letter-carriers, and any person not connected with the °*g;*;m for letter-carrier branch of the postal service who shall wear the uniform w,,,,,.,,,g¥Q,,,h,,n which may be prescribed shall be deemed guilty of a misderneanor, and, not authorized. on conviction thereof, for every such offence shall be fined not more than (GHG (pundred dollars, or imprisoned not more than six months, or both, at tie iscretion of the court. Receiving_ Sec. 95. That the Postmaster-General may establish, in places where boxes rb.- deposit letter-carriers are employed, and also in other places where, in his judg- °f¤¤¤ll-¤¤¤¤¤·¤‘i ment, the public convenience requires it, recelving—boxes, for the deposit collections of mail-matter, and shall cause the matter deposited therein to be col-

  • l‘°'°"°'“‘ lected as often as public convenience may require.

pcmty y,,, Sec. 96. That any person who shall wilfully and maliciously injure, wilfully, &c., in- tear down, or destroy, any letter-box, pillar-box, or other receptacle ·l;‘;;’;,§;\£>“;0;":ilg_ established by the Postmaster-General for the safe deposit of matter for p°,;t,05m,g;.m,,r,. the mail or for delivery, or who shall wilfully and maliciously assault any mi letter-carrier, when in uniform, while engaged on his route in the discharge for assaulting of his duty as a letter-carrier, and any person who shall wilfully aid or Egtgsfsrggyorm assist therein, shall, on conviction thereof for every such offence, forfeit ' and pay not less than one hundred nor more than one thousand dollars, or be ilnprisoned not less than one nor more than three years, according to the circumstances and aggravation of the offence. Lcttcr-carriers Sec. 97. That each letter-carrier shall give bonds, with sureties, to be

°u§¥:slj°'*‘l""h approved by the Postmaster-General, for the safe custody and delivery of
11 grail-matter, and the faithful account and payment of all money received

y lm. Branch post Sec. 98. That the Postmaster-General, wl1en the public convenience °m°°¤· requires it, may establish within any post-office deligery one or more branch-ofiices, for the receipt and delivery of mail-matter and the sale of stamps and envelopes; and he shall prescribe the rules and regulations belggpppippgigz for the government thereof. But no letter shall be sont for delivery to delivery, in &c_ gpésgrlanch-omce contrary to the request of the party to whom 1t is ad- Postagc on SEC, 99. That the rate of postage on newspapers, excepting weeklies, 1g3x55px2B wd periodicals not, exceeding two ounces in weight, and circulars when the ' same are deposited 1B a letter-carrier office for delivery by the office or