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308 FORTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 335. 1872. List of mm-da Sec. 191. That every postmaster shall post, in a conspicuous place in

 *0 hisbcllice, a copy of each list of non-delivered letters immediately after its

'u ication. PW ¤<>¤ ¤>¤¤· p Sec. 192. That the compensation for publishing the list of norpdg. m_°“° °°“t livered letters shall in no case exceed one cent for each letter se published. chgdgigggfe Seo. 193. That all oletters published as non-delivered shall be charged Wm51pm &c_ with one centtin add1tion to the regular postage, to be accounted for as ar o IG os a revenue. Return of un- p Sec. 1945 That the Postmaster—General may regulate the period during gfl&;;x°}9l'Q;fF’S which undelivered letters shall remain in any post-oflice, and when they ollice, &e., to shall he returned to the dead—letter office; and he may make regulations "*'l*°*”¤· for their return from the dead-letter office to the writers, when they cannot _ be delivered to the parties addressed. mE°;*::;;l*g; Sec. 195. That all domestic letters, deposited in Iany post-omce for insjmcicntlg, " mailing, on which the postage is wholly unpaid or paul less than one hill p¤i<1.t<>b¤sent rate as required by law, except letters lawfully free, and duly certified

°m‘1;f"H°“°" letters of soldiers, sailors, and marines in the service of the United States,

shall be sent by the postmaster to the dead-letter office in Washington: Luge mics, Provided, That in large cities and adjacent districts of dense population &c_, 0mm1s,, having two or more post-offices within a distance of three miles of each population- other, any letter mailed at one of such offices and addressed to a locality within the delivery of another of such offices, which shall have been inadvertentl y prepaid at the drop or local letter rate of postage only, may be forwarderl to its destination through the proper office, charged with the amount of the deficient postage, to be collected on delivery. _Dcad-letters Sec. 190. That dead-letters containing valuable inclosures shall be

,°*i;° registered in the dead-letter office; and when they cannot be delivered

gw_; i’ ’ ’ to the party addressed nor to the writer, the contents thereof shall he disposed ofQ and acareful account shall be kept of the amount realized in each case, which shall be subject to reclamation by either the party contents, how addressed or the sender, for four years from the registry thereof ; and all dl*I‘°S°d °*`- other letters of value or of importance to the party addressed or to the writer, and which cannot be returned to either, shall be disposed of as the Postmaster-General may direct. Foreign dead- S100. 197. That the action of the Post-ofiice Department respecting l““°*"· foreign dead-letters shall be subject to conventional stipulations with the respective foreign administrations. mam, gr {M- Sec. 198. That when the writer of any letter on which the postage is polyllyollsg Gd prepaid shall indorso upon the outside thereof his name and address, such mgmd ,0 wma,' letter shall not be advertised, but after remaining uncalled for at the office &c. to which it is directed thirty days, or the time the writer may direct, shall be returned to him without additional charge for postage, and if not then delivered shall be treated as a dead-letter. pmp,;d_&°_, Sl-TC. 199. That prepaid and free letters shall be forwarded from one l;;E¤d*‘;£v?3£>IE post-ofiic-e to another, at the request of the party addressed, without (mm cbm,g°_ additional charge for postage. What m be Sec. 200. That all the waters of the United States shall be post-roads d°°'“$d P°“°‘ during the time the mail is carried thereon as provided in section two mdS’ hundred and nineteen. , railways; Sino. 201. That all railways and parts of railways which are now or hereafter may be put in operation are hereby declared to be post-roads. canals; Sue. 202. That all canals during the time the mail is carrier] thereon are hereby declared to be post-roads. planlcroads; S100. 203. That all plank-roads during the time the mail is carried thereon are hereby declared to be post-roads. road wsupply SHG. 204. That the road on which the mail is carried to supply any °°““‘h°“S°· c0m‘t-house which may be without a mail, as provided in section tW0 hundred and sixteen, and the road on which the mail is carried, under