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318 FORTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 335. 1872. Such mailman- such letters or other maila,bre matter carried in foreign pa.c}:et—ships or

  • °**°db° <?[€U‘?”d other vessels, except such unsealcd letters rdatnlg to the shxp or vessel,

3;;¥;n§:e§gt;; 01* any part; of the cargo thereof, as may pe directed to th0·0wner or powomce. owners, consignee or c01;1signees,as aforessud, are hereby reqmred to be delivered into the United States posh-office bylthe master or commanders of all such packets or other vessels when arrivmg. and to be taken from a United States post-office when departing, and the postage paid thereon Penalty, justly chargeable by this act; and for refusing Or failing to do so, or for conveying said letters or any letters intended to be conveyed in any ship or vessel of such foreign country over or across the. United States, or any portion thereof the party offending shall, on conv1ction, forfeit and pay not exceeding one thousand dollars for each offence. Penney for wil- S20. 278; That any person who shall wilful1y or maliciously injure, f“UY· (YF-» i;?;"'" deface, or destroy any mail-matter, deposited in any letter-b0x,pi11¤xr-box, g2g1g:;,]?,,; or other receptacle established by authority of the Postmaster-General &¤·.9rf<>r¤i<1i¤g for the safe deposit of matter for the mail. or for delivery, or »vhO_Sga11 °h°'°'“* wilfully aid or assist in injuring such ma,11-matter, shall, on conviction thereof, for every such offence, forfeit and pay not more than five hundred dollars, or be imprisoned noi; more than three years, at the discretion of the court. upon employ- Sec. 279. That any person employed in any department of the postal WS ¤¤ W2 ¤°"¤°¤ service who shall secrete, embczzle, OT destroy amy letter, packet, bag, 01- §‘;ff:;}g;g§;_, maéil of!-leathers intgsgeel t;>h]§m,or vzhicg Shall e{.>nge jntobgis peisaessioni we , ., ‘ an w 1C was 111 n e 0 e conv e max r arm or e were £'°g£%é;§€):‘ by any mail-czm·iex·, mail-messenger,{·oui;e;geni:, 1ette1·-carrier, or other mau,&,,_, C0,} person employed in amy department of the postal service, or forwarded mining any arti- through or delivered from any post-oince or branch post;-office established °I° °f ‘ “l“°* by authority of the P0stmaste1·-General, and which shall contain any nom, bond, draft, check, warrant, revenue-stamp, p0stage—si;amp, stamped envelope, postal ca.rd,mo11ey-order, certificate of stock, or other pecuniary obligation or security of the vovcrnment, or of any officer or fiscal agent thereof, of any description whatever; any bank-note, bank pest;-bill, bill of exchange, or note of assignment of stock in the funds; any letter of attorney for receiving annuities or dividends, selling stock in the funds, or collczcung the mterest thereof; any letter of Cfod1E, note, bond, warrant, graft, bilg, Jgromisszelry note, ctevelnant, contra.::;, 03 egreemcfnt, whatgoeve? or or rc 2, mg to e paymen 0 money, or the e 1very 0 any :1.1110 c 0 value, or the performance of any act, matter, or thing; any receipt, release, acqrxitmnce, or discharge of or from any debt, covenant, or demand, or amy p::r1;ft};c1·00f; 0Ty copy of the record of anylguggment EP dccycc any cour 0 uw or cwmcery, or any execu mn w IC may ave 1ssue thereou ; any copy of any other record, or any other article of value, or mf°'s;§’:£hg<;·» writing representin5)t,he same ; any such person who shall steal or take OJ0f such leg. any of the things a reseid ont of any Qemterapacket, bag, or mail of letters bers. whxch shall have come mto hxs possessmn, exbher m the regular course of his oincial duties, or in any other manner whatever, and provided the same 81181::1 not havehbeen delivere<i·t0 Sie panty to whom ithis {girectcid, every suc person s a ,011 c0nv1c1on ereo or every suc 0 ence, ue imprisoned at hard labor not less than one noxfmore than five years. The depositing Sec. 280. That the fact that any letter, packet bzw or mail of letters

i:)°‘l;'! shall have been deposited in any post-office or bnzmgi p<>st—0fHce estabevidence that is lished by authority of the P0stmaster—General, or in any other authorized

was mwndcd *0 depository for mail-matter or in charvre of an ostmaster assistant clerk be conveyed by . ’ b . y P ’ ’ ’ m,m_ carrfer, aiggagbor txnessenggr hexnlpioygd nxsgny defflanumlent of the pczspal scrvxce, B1 c a en an e 0 e GVI ence 1; a, the same was 111- mnded to be conveyed by mail " within the meaning of this statute. Penalty upon Sec. 281. That any person who shall steal the mail, or steal or take

   from or out; of any mail, or post-office, branch post-mice, or other aut,h0r·

Serviceroy SM1- 1ZGd deposxtory for mail-matter, any letter or packet; any person who