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F ORTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 359-361. 1872. 341 workshops, machine-shops, side-tracks, switches, turn-tables, and waterstntions, not to exceed forty acres in any place. The acceptance of the Acceptance of Provisions of this act by the said companyiand a. map of the location of RNS M *0 M the med, and the lands to be reserved for buildings and uses of said road, mifgm mba shall be filed with the Secretary of the Interior, within one year from the completed withpasguge of this act; and the road shall be finished within five years from gh £°·- ‘*"d §° the passage of this act. Said road shall be a. post and military road, and pm me ’ shell have the power of making running connections for the transportation my make ¤<¤r— of mails, military and naval supplies, passengers, and freights of all kinds, ;‘Q;,;‘;;“"‘g °°“‘ and the running of freight-cars, without the breaking of bulk, whenever I the interests of the public and of commerce between the States will be advanced thereby, with any other road which has heretofore received, or may hereafter receive, aid from the United States for the construction thereorj on fair and equitable terms, and pro rata between the roads, in proportion to the length of the several roads; and in the event of a dis- Rates therefor. agreement between the said road and any other road having so received aid from the United States for the construction thereon and connecting with the said Pensacola? and Louisville railroad, then the Secretary of the Interior shall establish such rates for the transportation of mails, freights, and passengers, and running connections as are herein provided for, and also establish such regulations as may be requisite for the enforcement of Act my b¤ the provisions of this act. Congress shull, in its discretion, have the daggtmpticn power to alter, amend, or repeal this act. Nothing in this act shall be so &c., claims ncl: construed as to invalidate the claim of any actual pre-emptiou or homestead “H°°*·°d· settlers. Approved, June 8, 1872. CHAP. CCCLX.-—An Act donating condemned Cannon and Cannon-balls to certain June 8, 1872, Organizations jbr monumental Purposes. ·—··—·;···; Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary0f_ War be, Condemned and he hereby is, authorized to deliver, if the same can be done without °a¤¤°¤ wd ¢¤¤· detriment to the government, four condemned cannon and sixteen cannon- balls to each of the following-named organizations, for the purpose of zaiionsfor monuornamenting burial-grounds of deceased soldiers: ’“€“***l P“’P°”’· To the John Russell Lowell Encampment, Post Number Seven, Grand Army of the Republic, of Boston, Massachusetts; To the Second Regiment Infantry, National Guards, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ; To the Philip H. Sheridan Post Number Thirty-four, Grand Army of the Republic, of Salem, Massachusetts; To the mayor of the city of Worcester, Massachusetts; To the State Fencibles, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; To the commissioners of the State of New York, for erecting a monument on the grave of Baron Steuben, in the town of Steuben, New York; To the trustees of Riverside Cemetery, Waterbury, Connecticut; To the Soldiers’ Monument Association of Middletown, Connecticut; To the S0ldiers’ Monument Association of Meriden, Connecticut; To the Soldiers and Sail0rs’ Monument Association of Lebanon, Penns lvania; yTo the Post Number One hundred and forty-six, Grand Army of the Republic, at Shenandoah, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania; To the Soldiers' Monument Association of Kane County, Illinois. APPROVED, June 8, 1872. CHAP. CCCLXI.—A1• Act for the Rdiqfqflhe State of Connecticut and other States. Jimé 8» 1§@__ WHEREAS the Treasury Department has decided that vouchers pre- `»£_°;ifh`_2é.,6_ sented by the State of Connecticut for reimbursement, under the act of Premnblge.