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344 FORTY-SECON D CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 364-366. 1872. the necessary lands for depots, stations, side-tracks, and other needful uses Limit fn grant. in operating said road and a telegraph line, not exceeding twenty acres at any one place: Provided, That the location for depots, stations and sidetracks shall not exceed for the whole line of said road more than one location of twenty acres for every ten miles of the same, and when made upon surveyed lands shall conform to government surveys. Plat of any Sec. 2. That said company shall, within six months after the location

 Qggsny of any section of twenty miles or more of their said road, it the same bg

&¤., with regis- upon surveyed land, and 1f upon unsurveyed land, then within six months ¤¤‘» &°- after the survey thereof by the United States, file a plat of such located section, together with proof thereof, with a register of the land·office for the district wherein said located section may be situated, and upon approval thereof the same shall be noted upon the township plats in said Lands after- office, and thereafter all lands over which the said line of road shall pass ggggzbgugd shall be sold, located, or disposed of by the United States, subject to such Ugg}, Ot- wa, right of way so located as aforesaid: Provided, That the line of said road Line, when to shall be located within one year after the passage of this act: Andpml’:s§’f;f1d·,““d vided further That said road shall be completed within ten years therep eted. 7 _ _ Right of way after: And provided also, That when the route of said road shall pass g¤;g¤r%g¤]:*l}g;se through lands other than those of the United States, or when it may be of mfg UIEM ~ necessary for said railroad company to take any lands other than those of States. the United States for any of the purposes "herein mentioned, necessary to said right of way, such right of way through or title to such lands shall be secured in accordance with the laws of the State or territory in which Other roads they may be situated: Provided also, That the rights herein granted shall g*;°“€h ****1%: not preclude the construction of other roads through any canon, defile, or ` ass on said route. _ Power of ter- P SBC. 3. That nothing herein shall be construed as afiirming or denying

£'B*°8;‘°°" the power of a territory to incorporate a railroad company.

Acfmy be Sec. 4. That Congress reserves to itself the right to alter, amend, or nltsred, &¤· repeal this act, whenever in its judgment the interest of the people shall require it. Approved, June 8, 1872. Jvme 8; 187% CHAP. CCCLXV.—An Act authorizing the Secretary of War to expend certain .M0neys_/'or the Purpose of sinking an Artesian WellAn the Fort D. A. Russell military Reservation, in Wyoming Territory. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Artesinn well States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of `War be, fg1g2s11F,;??,,];};" and he is hereby, authorized to expend the sum of ten thousand dollars, reservation. or so much thereof as may be necessary, for the purpose of sinking an artesian well on the Fort D. A. Russell military reservation, in the Territory of Wyoming. Approved, June 8, 1872. June 8, 1872. CHAP. CCCLXVI. ·——An Act to reimburse the State of Kansas for Moneys erpenrled """"""`°”" fer the United States in enrolling, equipping, and provisioning Militia Forces to aid in suppressing the Rebellion. _ _ Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United t0%;’)lj”&l’£f;f;’;S States ¢y‘ America in Congress assembled, That the sum of three hundred the mrygupt rs- and thirty-seven thousand and fifty-four dollars and thirty-eight cents is 1><>f*€<l b}' Coma hereby appropriated, to reimburse the State of Kansas for m0neyS BX-

 ,0;}** pended, amounts assumed, and disbursements made by said State in enrolecrtain expenses ling, equipping, arming, subsisting, transporting, and paying such troops
 as were called into service by order of the governor of said State, upon

of the ,_.,bgju,,,,_ the requisition of Major-General Curtis, in eighteen hundred and sixty- four, to repel the invasion of the rebel forces of General Price, and to 1871, eh. 33. carry into effect the provisions of an act entitled "An act to reimburse V°1·X"'· P· *02- the State of Kansas for moneys expended for the United States in e¤Fol·