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FOR'I`Y—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 366-368. 1872. 345 ling, equipping, and provisioning militia forces to aid in suppressing the Kansas. rebellion," approved February second, eighteen hundred and seventy-one; the said sum of three hundred and thirty-seven thousand and fifty-four dollars and thirty-eight cents being the amount reported due to the State of Kansas by James A. Hardie, J. D. Bingham, and T. H. Stanton, commissioners appointed by the Secretary of War to examine and audit the claims of the said State, in pursuance of the said act. Approved, June 8, 1872. CHAP. CCCLXVII.-—An Act authorising the Secretary of War to release lwent;/· June 8, 1872. _/{pe Acres of the Lands xy" the United Stzzles at Plattsbzujqh, New York, to the [Vew `mK[if"" York and Canada Railroad Company, and for other Purposes. 1873, eh_ 281 Be ir enacted oy the Senate and House of Representatives of the United P°”’ p` Gm'] Scams of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of W211',lf; Certain lands in his opinion, it is not needed for, military purposes, is hereby authorized UW pngd and empowered to release, upon the conditions hereinafter in this act pro- 1;]-_ vided, to the New York and Canada Railroad Company, its successors be released to the and assigns, the right, title, and interest of the United States in and to §§;;(};°fg‘§"‘g.0 the north twentydive acres of the lands owned and possessed by the i i ` United States, in the town of Plattsburgh, Clinton county, New York, and situated upon the westerly banks of Lake Champlain, together with a right of way from the south thereto; such release to be with such restrictions as the Secretary of War may think necessary to protect the interests of the United States: Provided, That before the execution of b1g“_llt"“lPé’*° such release the said railroad company shall first pay into the treasury of 6 is pm ` the United States the full value of said twenty-five acres of land, and the right of way to the same to be fixed by a board of three otlioers of the Right v1" way army, appointed by the Secretary of War, whose report shall be approved t° S°""°' by him; Provided further, That the dwelling-house now standing on the DweUing—house said twenty-five acres shall be removed by the said railroad company, to gQcb" ’°"‘°"“· such place as may be designated by the Secretary of War, without ex- i pense to the United States: Provided further, That said premises shall Lsndm be be used exclusively for railroad purposes, and that said company, its H)jF;l;;;;%S‘V“lY . . . . parsuccessors and assigns, shall, within three years from the passage of this poses_ act, complete and operate a railroad within the State of New York, con- Road to bg neeting the railroads leading from the city of New York with the Cana- °°mPI€¤€d· &¢· dian frontier. Approved, June 8, 1872. CHAP. CCCLXVIH. —-—An Act to amend an Act entitled “A.n Act to establish and to June 8, 1872. protect national Cemeteries," approved February twentysecond, eighteen hundred and $”{V'S“Ue"· Vol. ixiv. p.,309. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of lhe [Dotted States of America in Congress assembled, That section one of an act Each grave to entitled “An act to establish and to protect national cemeteries," approved g°h‘§l‘HQl;g‘l “'**hd February twenty-second, eighteen hundred and sixty-seven, be amended mug; (Q- SESQQQIQ., as follows: The Secretary of lVar shall cause each grave to be marked Sw., inscritci with a small headstone, with the name of the soldier and the name of the lh“°°"‘ State inscribed thereon, when the same are known, in addition to the number required to be inscribed by said section; and he shall, within m5{¥<;lfS€§ V0? ninety days from the passage of this act, advertise for sealed proposals of hc,,d;lg{,,;Sj’g,c_ bids for the making and erection of such headstones, which advertisements Se¢1mz,p.;>45. shall be made for sixty days successively in at least twenty newspapers of general circulation in the United States, and shall call for bids for the d0ing of said work, in whole or in part; and upon the opening of such I Cogfraets mi bids, the Secretary of War shall, without delay, award the contracts for bi; °Qd;1;;E°°DS` said work to the lowest responsible bidder or bidders, in whole or in part; and said bidders shall give bond to his satisfaction for the faithful com- B<>¤d· pletion of the work. Approved, June 8, 1872.