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FORTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 415. 1872. 351 direction of the board of public works, sixty-eight thousand three hundred and sixty-five dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary: Provided, That all payments made under this and the preceding appropriation shall Payments for be made only upon vouchers approved by the officer in charge of the gulng/h&°·»*° public buildings and grounds of the District; and no portion of the ,;:;,v;d“$°§:ch_ money herewith appropriated shall be used by the board of public works ers. for any other purpose whatever than the purpose that is named in the Fmedhmd to said last two paragraphs. And the land made by the filling up of the bsiongimms said canal is hereby declared to be the property of the United States. Umm S*“*°’· And the said appropriations shall not be construed to create or imply No future 01,11. any obligation on the part of the United States, in any respect whatever %¤*€<>¤ of" the in future. '"°°d St°‘°°°‘ For payment of the messengers of the respective States for conveying conveying to the seat of government the votes of the electors of said States for ¤l<*°W¤*lV°¥°· President and Vice-President of the United States, twenty-five thousand dollars. For construction of TGVCUUO vessels in accordance with recommendation Construction of the special commission, approved by the Secretary of the Treasury, two g;`b’°V°““° "°“' hundred thousand dollars. ' For furniture and repairs of the same for public buildings under the Fin~nitnrs_for control of the Treasury Department, one hundred and fifty thousand gggllgsglgdlugs dollars. ' For fuel, lights, and water, and miscellaneous items for public buildings Fuel, lights, under the control of the Treasury Department, two hundred and twenty- “"d “'“°°" five thousand dollars. . For heating apparatus for public buildings under the control of the Heating ap· Treasury Department, seventy-five thousand dollars. P‘””“s· For vaults, safes, and locks, for public buildings under the control of V¤¤l¤‘*»¤¤*"€¤» the Treasury Department, one hundred thousand dollars. "d1°°kS` For photographing, engraving, and printing plans of public buildings Photogmphing, under control of the reasury Department, five thousand dollars. &°· For pay of custodians and janitors of public buildings, under the control Janitors, gm, of the Treasury Department, one hundred and twenty-ive thousand of public builddollars. ings' For repairs and preservation of all public buildings under the control of Repairs, Grc., the Treasury Department, two hundred thousand dollars. T;“bh° b“‘1d' T0 enable the Secretary of the Treasury to pay to the city of Charles- 5H2y Op Charm. town, Massachusetts, the expense incurred by said city in curbing and i9;v¤ fgipegzivs paving the sidewalks and streets adjacent to the navy-yard, one thousand Ljifgntljo ugly_ six hundred dollars. yarn. To pay Charles W. Seaton for the relinquishment of all claim against SEg:gI°° W- the United States for the use at the ninth or any subsequent census of his ` invention of a tallying machine, for which letters-patent were allowed by the United States patent-office, February seventeenth, eighteen hundred and seventy-two, fifteen thousand dollars. Supervising Inspectors on Steam- Vessels. -— For carrying out the pro- _ Supervising visions of the at-t for the better protection of the lives of passengers on vessels propelled in whole or in part by steam and of the acts amendatory 1;,1;,.,11.100, thereoii the following sums, viz.: V°l· XYL P- “°· For salaries of steamboat inspectors: Payment of salaries of supervis- S“1““°°· ing inspector-general, supervising inspectors, local inspectors, assistant gispectors, and clerks, one hundred and sixty-five thousand four hundred 0 lars. Contingent expenses of steamboat inspection service: Expenses of in- Contingent exstruments, stationery, meetings of board of supervising inspectors, mileage P°“’“’· of supervising inspectors, at one thousand dollars each, and other miscellaneous expenses, ninety-one thousand dollars. ’ I T0 enable the Secretary of the Treasury to pay under existing laws Commun for contractors for carrying the mails for services rendered prior to July first,