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860 FORTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 415. 1872. trict of Columbia, in the government hospital for the insane, including support of five hundred dollars for books, stationery, and incidental expenses, one P“'°l°“”· hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars. Extension of For the erection, furnishing, and fitting-up of an extension of the hoshospital. pital suf [f ]icient to accommodate fifty-four patients of the excited class, thirty-seven thousand eight hundred dollars. Hmi¤g-boi1- For purchasing and setting four heating-lmilers, six thousand dollars. elgumhm of For the purchase by the Secretary of the Interior for the agricultural umd_ and economical uses of the hospital, twenty-nine and forty-one hundredths acres of land and its appurtenances. including cost of survey, examination of title, and conveyance to the United States, ten thousand dollars. Icglumbig rn. Columbia Iizstz'tut·io·n jbr the Deaf and Dum6.—h`0r the support of ?1¥;;1;¥‘i<>¤: QP flip the institution, including salaries and incidental expenses, the maintenance S,,Q;§€su§°c_' of the beneficiaries of the United States, and Eve hundred dollars for i books and illustrative apparatus, forty-eight thousand dollars. Grounds. For continuing the work on the inclosure, improvement, and grading of the grounds of the institution, six thousand dollars. Pmclrsse of To provide for payments due and unpaid on July first, eighteen hun- K°““u G"“°”‘ dred and seventy-two, on the purchase by the institution of the estate known as Kenall Green, seventy thousand dollars: P1·0m`ded, That before the expenditure of any part of this appropriation, by proper deeds of conveyance, to be approved by the Attorney-General of the United Rm mm, States, all the real estate now owned by the said Columbia Institution for ¤<>w_<>w}¤=<i_by the Deaf and Dumb shall be vested in the United States as trustee, for {};°cQ;f;;‘};Q{’fot° the sole use and purpose provided in the act entitled “An act to ineorthe United States porate the Columbia Institution for the Instruction of the Deaf; Dumb, ¤¤fgg;*¤€l; 46 and Blind," approved February sixteenth, eighteen hundred and fifty- VOL {Jp: HSL seven, and the several acts amendatory thereof 2 Provided, That, when- Estm may be ever Congress shall so determine, any part of said estate may be sold, sold when Con- and so much of the proceeds thereof as shall be needful for the purpose gms ‘h'°°”» &°· shall be applied to reimburse the United States for the expenditure herein provided. _Colnmbia Has- Oolumbia Ibspital for Women and L_ying—2`n Asylum, and olhcr Chari- £:(‘;l,'j;:`1f§’§""°" tics. —- For the support of the Columbia Hospital for Women and Lyingmm, i,,,,i’},ii,;;y` in Asylum, over and above the probable amount which will be received charities. from pay·patients, eighteen thousand three hundred dollars. ruroimse of For purchase of the building now occupied by said hospital, with forty l"§‘lfl”’g· thousand feet of ground, twenty-tive thousand dollars: Provided, That €St§l€i;°b;‘°°l the title to said real estate shall be vested in the United States for the use vested in um of said hospital, and that no part of the real or personal property now U“i*·°d $****8- held or to be hereafter acquired by said institution shall be devoted to any other purpose than a hospital for women and lying-in asylum without Additional dit the consent of the United States; and that in addition to the directors,

?:‘,;;;l‘°" whose appointments are now provided for by law, there shall be three

` other directors appointed in the following manner: One senator by the president of the Senate, and two representatives by the speaker of the House; these directors shall hold their office for the term of a single Congress, and be eligible to a re-appointment. Alterations For alteration and repairs of said building, five thousand dollars, to “"d "°P’“”' be expended under the direction of the board of directors of said institution. For repairs to roof and out-buildings, alterations in wards, and repairs to heating-apparatus, two thousand dollars. N,,;;,,,,,,; S0;- For the National Soldiers and Sailor.s’ Orphans’ Home of the city of dim Mjl S¤il<>rS’ Wasliington, District of Columbia, fifteen thousand dollars, to be disgghans h°m°· bursed under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior. Government For custody and repair of government hospitals on Judiciary square, h°$Pim”· three thousand dollars.