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FOR.TY—SECON D CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 415. 1872. 369 two thousand five hundred dollars; for repairing fence around grounds, one thousand dollars; and for a furnace in the laboratory, four hundred dollars ; in all, twenty-one thousand dollars. Toward completing the museum under the charge of Professor Towns- Mmmmend Glover, three thousand dollars. Sec. 2. That out of the unexpended balance of the appropriation (sec- Part of unextion twenty-seven of the act approved April twentieth, eighteen hundred Pt9“d€d b“l."‘;F° and seventy-one) for more effectual1y securing life and property on the ,9,,,-iiiilggiggn coasts of New Jersey and Long Island, for the fiscal year ending June ¤¤¤¢i<>¤=. &<=·. thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-two, the sum of two hundred ;°,$$S,;':iu€1‘:,t° thousand dollars is hereby excepted from the operation of the fifth section 1871, ou. 21, °§ 21. of the act of July twelfth, eighteen hundred and seventy. IB;;"? §2~ Sec. 3. That the sum of two hundred and twenty-five thousand seven v,,;];,l,_E;,_’§5if hundred and fifty-one dollars and eight cents is hereby appropriated to Repcprqent w enable the Secretary of the Treasury to return to the clerk of the United gL“;§ gorggztglgm States district court for the southern district of Illinois the one-half of disiriqtgf Illinois four hundred and fifty-one thousand five hundred and two dollars and f°*i¤l¤°¤¤’> sixteen cents paid to said secretary by said clerk as prize-money, in pur- $3; suance of a decree of said court made on the eleventh day of May, eighteen ury, as prizehundred and sixty-four, which decree was afterward, to wit, on the ninth g;‘;’;;§b}.‘g(‘:;t* day of June, eighteen hundred and sixty-five, held to be erroneous and Sim., d9c;,—,,rr,d' set aside by said court, and said money ordered to be returned to said ¤¤‘¤>¤¢<>¤¤- court for distribution to the lawful owners thereof; and to this end that the said secretary cause to be transferred the said sum of two hundred and twenty-five thousand seven hundred and fifty-one dollars and eight cents from the navy pension fund to the credit of the Treasurer of the United States; the moneys so directed to be returned having been deposited to the credit of said fund on the twenty-third of May, eighteen hundred and sixty-four, by warrant number one hundred and sixty-nine. S1-:0. 4. That the proper accounting officers of the Treasury Depart- In adjustwg ment, be, and they are hereby, authorized and directed, in adjusting the eccvugt 0* llaccount of William Kapus, collector of customs for the district of Alaska, Qiznwaghufg be to make an allowance for the compensation of Charles H. Pierce for ser- made foripay or vices rendered in aid of the collection of the revenue from customs at the g?;;? · port of Oonalaska, in said district, of such sum as they may deem just and ` equitable for the time actually employed, not to exceed the rate of one thousand five hundred dollars per annum. Sec. 5. That to enable the Secretary of the Interior to pay Standish Sfimdish and and Ballard, attorneys, their account for defending the register and the Ballard' receiver at Ionia, Michigan, the sum of one thousand dollars is hereby appropriated. Sec. 6. That in the settlement of judgments by the court of claims or Judgments of the supreme court of the United States, hereafter to be rendered for ;:::;°fu‘;;*:;m¤ captured or abandoned cotton, or in settlements for cotton seized subse- &c__ c%m,,,_g,,,_, quent to June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and sixty-tive, the Secretary of to be paid withthe Treasury is hereby directed to pay such judgments, or the amounts as ;’;t;;i:3,“;i}*j;:lfg’ ascertained upon such settlements in full without deduction on account of tax. internal-revenue tax upon cotton. Sec. 7. That the accounting officers of the treasury be, and they are Collector of hereby, authorized and directed, in adjusting the accounts of the collector gi b of customs for the port of Chicago, to allow him, as an ex—oflicio deposi- ,,,,,,v,§,§),,,(;. CEP tary of moneys belonging to the United States, a. credit for such sum or tain moneyslost sums, in coin or currency, as may satisfactorily appear to have been held b·" m° 5** by him, as such depositary, at the time of the tire in said city on the ninth and tenth days of October, eighteen hundred and seventy-one, and to have been lost or destroyed by tire. Approved, June 10, 1872. v01.. xvii. Pun. -· 24