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376 FORTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. H. Ch. 416, 417. 1872. Examinations to the town of Bolzom.; at the mouth of the- Nuches river, in Sabine lake, g’5;¤';'°5{)s· *3; d and to extend up the main channel of said rxvor to the town of Boonville, ,,€v,{,i:uS°pO,;t: at; tho point; whore the Angelica river falls into the Nuchcs river, and to extend up the main channel of said river to the town of Pattonia, Texas; at the mouth of the Trinity river, in Galveston bay, and to extend up the main channel of said river to the town of Magnolia, Texas; Washington harbor, North Carolina; Edonton harbor, North Carolina; mouth of Mackay’s creek North Carolina- Chippewa river up to Chippewa falls Wisconsin; harbor at Swanton; Vermont; harbor at. Galveston, '1`cxus; at Apalachlcola river, from Chattahoochc, ·F1orida, be Apalachicola, at Chaiztahoocho mvcr, from Columbus, Georgm, to Chactaho0che,I<`lor1rla; at Flint river, from Albany, Georgia, to Chattahoocho, Florida; for survo of brcakwater at Milford Connecticut; mouth of Pino river, Michl xm; Y • _ _ g tho harbor of San Dierro Cal1forma,; mouth of Grand Calumet rivor 5 7 1 Indiana; Great Kanawha river, from the Great falls to tho mouth, WVcst Virginia; to complete the survey of the James rivcr and Kanawha canal; for survey of Camden harbor, Maine; for a sca-wall or broakwator at Trinidad harbor, California; of the channel and bank at entrance of Salem harbor; on Merrimack rivor, Massachusetts, from Haverhill to Newbury- port, including Duck Hola and Currier shoals; tho New river, from tho mouth of Greenbrier, in West Virginia, to the lead mines, in W'yt.l1o county Virginia; at Sb. Helena bar,l11 the Columbia river, Ore¤·o11; for survoré for the removal of wrecks of gun-boats,stcamcrs, and oihor obstructions placed in Yazoo rivor daring tho war, and for the rasurvoy of Savannah harbor; the Delaware rlvcr between Trenton and Easton; for tho survey of the river St. l\Iary’s in Ohio and Indiana; for the survey of the Minnesota river above tho moluh of the Yellow Medicine, Minnesota. _ In cxumimv SEO. 3. That in tho examinations or surveys of all points mentioned in gg;‘;;’;`]_$“;;"{§?r the foregoing section, tho Secretary of War be directed to ascertain, as m asmgngn far as practicable, tho amount of tonnage of commercial business during ¤m<>¤¤¢ of ¤>¤i tho previous year at each point, together with such other facts as bear upon

 the question of tho contemplated improvement, and that ho communicate tho

yen previous, same, together with his report of the examination or survey of such &$mvm pointato Congress: Provided, .That. so much of tho' amourxtt herewith ap- ` propmatcd for tho survey of mvors and harbors as is roqmsxto for commgoucics, may be used for said purpose. Approved, June 10, 1872. June 10, 1872- CHAP. CDXVII. -1 An acl mgking zlppropriations for the Cozzstrucfion, Preservation, and Repazrs ofccrtuzn Fortyicatzons, and other Works QfDW71C€. Bk it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Appropriations States of America in Congress assembled, That the following sums bo, 2;_fortmcmOus’ wld l»l1€ SHIHG M6 hu1`€by, appropriated, out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated, for tho following fortifications and other works of defence, viz.: Fm G°’€“· For Fort Gorgos, Portland harbor, Maine, twenty thousand dollars. Fm Preble. For Fort Breblo, Portland harbor, Maine, forty-t>wo thousand live hundred dollars. F¤¤S<=¤mm¢U- For Fort: Scammoll, Portland harbor, Maine, forty-two thousand five hundred dollars. P°l?5;E?5Yl;*;d For battery on Portland head, Portland, Maine, fifty thousand dollars. Fm Wm€,;_ For Fort Warren, Boston harbor, Massachusetts, eighty-five thousand dollars. Fm Winthrop. For Fort Winthrop, Boston harbor, Massachusetts, sixty-four thousand dollars. daisy T¤d¢P¢¤· For Fort Independence, Boston harbor, Massachusetts, forty-two thou- ‘ sand Evo hunclrccl dollars. Fort Adams. For F ort. Adams, Newport harbor, Rhode Island, eighty-five thousand dollars.