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FORTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 427, 428. 1872. 387 From Dover to Tobacco Point. Posm-oads es- From WVayncsboro’, via Copeland, Martin’s lllills, Giles Mills, and “‘P,}‘Sh°d m _ Lowryville, to Hamburg. °°°°s”°’ From Troy, via Millenville, to Tiptonville. From Trezevant, via McLemaresville, to Terry. From Asheville, via West Fork of Ivy and Upper Laurel and Indian Creek, to J onesboro’. From Lawrenceburg, via Newburg, to Centreville. From Lawrenceburg to Waynesboro’. VIRGINIA. Virginia; From Summerfield, via Spring Valley, to Stepens Creek. From Blacksburg, via Prices Fork, to Cowan’s Mills. From Baptist Valley to Knob. From Independence, via Tongs Gap, Clems Branch, and Flat Ridge, to Rye Valley. From Laurel Grove to Cartersburg. From Buffalo Gap to Deerfield. From Mount Airy Depot to Davis’s Mill. From Martin’s Station to Drapers Valley. From Vicker’s Switch to Price’s Fork. VERMONT. Vermont; From Marshiield to Cabot. From Norrisville to South Danville. WISCONSIN. Wisconsin; From Galesville to North Bend. WYOMING. Wyoming; From Rawlin’s Springs to Seminole City. WEST VIRGINIA. wm virginia_ From Pennsborough to Henry Fings, on Grass Run. From Winfield to Scott Depot, on Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad. From Manns Ferry to Union. From Kanawha C. H., via Copenhavens Mill, to Walton. Approved, June 10, 1872. CHAP. CDXXVIII. —An Act for the Construction of a Oustonuhouse, bonded 'Ware June 10, 1872. house, and Post-office at Port Huron, Michigan. W Be it enacted by the Senate and House ¢y" Representatives ey" the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of the _Site to be ob- Troasury be, and he hereby is, authorized and directed to purchase, at “£§;’,;* private sale or by condemnation, in pursuance of the statute of the State rm- ws§Om-h.§QB,,, of Michigan, a suitable lot of ground in the city of Port Huron, State of &¢· Michigan, and to cause to be erected thereon a building suitable for the accommodation of the custom-house, bonded warehouse, and other g0vernment offices in that city; the lot of land and the building thereon, when completed, upon plans to be previously made and approved by the Secretary of the Treasury, shall not exceed the cost of two hundred thousand b lispd Md dollars : Provided, That no money to be appropriated for this purpose shall cggtdgggf %2;_t° be available until a valid title to the land shall be vested in the United No mohcy to States, and until the State of Michigan shall cede its jurisdiction over the l’° 3FP£’P’i“i°d same and relinquish the right to tax or assess the same while the United im ’ °’ States shall be the possessor thereof Approved, June 10, 1872.