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404 FORTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 14, 15, 17. 1873. rpec. 24, 1872. CHAP. XIV. ·—An Act to provide for fplrling zuyourned Terms of the supreme Court gf ‘ “_"" nzonu. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United mMi¤¤;¤’;¤h¤d States of America in Congress assembled, That the supreme court of the P,;I;:,;(L0ur€:}l' Territory of Arizona may hold adjourned terms thereof at any time and Arizona Terri- place in said Territory agreed upon by a majority of the judges of said °°"Y· court at any regular term thereof. The order for an adjourned term shall be signed by a majority of the judges thereof at a regular term of said court and entered upon the minutes of the court, and any business which such court might do at any regular term thereof may be done at such Mileage of adjourned term; and the clerk of said court shall be entitled to such clerk. mileage for attendance at such adjourned term as is by law allowed the marshal of the district of Arizona for his attendance upon the courts in said Territory. Approved, December 24, 1872. DW- 24, 187% CHAP. XV. -·An Act to authorize the National Bank of [gona, Michigan, to chang; its Location and Drama. Bc it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives ey" the United National Bank States of America in Congress assembled, That the National Bank of g;I{‘y:i;S* Lyons, now located in the village of Lyons, in the county of Ionia, and its lbcatibn and State of Michigan, is hereby authorized to change its location to the vil- °““‘°· lage of lonia, in the county of Ionia, and State of Michigan. Whenever the stockholders representing three-fourths of the capital stock of said bank, at a meeting called for that purpose, determine to make such change, the president and cashier shall execute a certificate under the corporate seal of the bank, specifying such determination, und shall cause the same to be recorded in the office of the comptroller of the currency, and thereupon such change of location shall be effected, and the operations of dis- New name. count and deposit of said bank shall be carried on under the name of the Second National Bank of Ionia, in the village of Ionia, county of Ionia, and State of Michigan. Existiiigrights Sec. 2. That nothing in this act contained shall be so construed as in

2.gclQ‘£'l'°’°s "°t any manner to release the said bank from any liability, or affect any action

or proceeding at law in which the said bank may be a party or interested; and when such change shall have been determined upon as aforesaid, Notice of notice thereof and of such change shall be published in at least two

l,E]',f§£_b° weekly newspapers in the aforesaid county of Ionia, in the State of Michigan, for not less than four successive weeks.

Approved, December 24, 1872. Dec. 27, 1872. CHAP. XVII. — An Act Lo quiet the Title to certain Lands in the State of Mssouri. Preamble, Wl181‘GRS by an act of the Congress of the United States, approved on lf30E2h-8g1g the twenty-eighth day of September, eighteen hundred and fifty, the 'p'State of Missouri, with other States, acquired title to all swamp and overflowed lands within their limits ; that the State of Missouri, by an act of its general assembly, approved February twenty-third, eighteen hundred and fifty-three, passed the title thus acquired to the several counties in which said lands were situatedyfor the purpose and to the end that the same should be drained and reclaimed as provided by said act of Congress; and that after the donation as aforesaid a commissioner was appointed, charged with the duty to select and locate such swamp-lands, who did make such selections and locations in said county of Scott, and State of Missouri, making due report of the same, which report was, by proper authority, approved, and the lands so located patented by the government of the United States to the State of Missouri, and, on the twentyminth day of April, eighteen hundred and seventy, by said State to said county of Scott: aud whereas said commissioner, in his report,