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FORTY-SECOND CONGRESS. .SEss. I. Ch. 17, 18, 19, 21. 1871. 5 of customs, to reside at said port, who shall perform such duties as may be D°P“*!·' °°l‘ onferred upon him, in pursuance of law, b the Secretar of the Treasur . l°°tPr’ wily' c Y Y Y duties, &c Sec. 3. That all acts and parts of acts establishing at Dumfries, in the collection district of Tappahannock, Virginia, a port of delivery be, and Port ofdeliy- the same are hereby, repealed. ;’,?g§:hB3mf"“ APl’ROVED, April 19, l87l. CHAP. XVIII. ——An Act for the Restoration of Commander George A. Stevens, United April 19, 1871. States Navy, to the activejronz the retired List. _""1* Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the President of the Commmrdcr United States be, and is hereby, authorized to nominate, and by and with &::,'§:s;£; the advice and consent of the Senate appoint, George A. Stevens to the me active us; of active list of the navy, with the rank of lieutenant-commander. *6 ¤°·VY· Approved, April 19, 1871. CHAP. XIX.—An Act to enable the Leavenworth, Lawrence, and Galveston Railroad AP*`ll19· 1g7L Company to relocate a Portion of its Road. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Leavenworth, Lawrence, L I:;‘;;l;wg;t§‘¤ and Galveston Railroad Company, for the purpose of improving its route Gi;;v,,sw¤’R,,,n- and accommodating the country, may relocate any portion of its road ¤‘<>¤d C<>mP¤¤>' south of the town of Thayer, within the limits of its grant, as prescribed l13i3g;;];;?;; °‘ by the act of Congress entitled "An act for a grant of lands to the State road. of Kansas, in alternate sections, to aid in- the construction of certain rail— V})?6;"<=ifh· *222 road-s and telegraphs in said State," approved March third, eighteen hun- LQ,,,; QED; i dred and sixty-three, but not thereby to change. enlarge, or diminish said not changedland grant. APPROVED, April 19, 1871. CHAP. XXI.—A»1 Act making Appropriations to supply Deficiencies in the Appro- April 20, 1871. pr£a1zbnsforthe Service 0/` the Year ending June zhzrtieth, eig/rtw: hundred and seventy- L"" one, and for additional Appropriationrfnr the Service zf the Year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and sergenty-two, and jbr at/aer Purposes. Be it enacted by the Senate cmd House of Representatives of the United _ States of America in Owzgress assembled, That in order to carry into effe<:t D°$°;‘?“°¥.'0:P' the provisions of an act entitled "An act granting pensions to certain {°;gl;:;_,.°:i,d;,,g soldiers and sailors of the war of eighteen hundred and twelve, and the June 30, @71, widows of deceased soldiers," approved February fourteen, eighteen hun- gggrzgglxgsfor dred and seventy-one, there be, and is hereby, appropriated, out of any the year ending moneys in the treasury not otherwise appropriated, for the payment. dur- Jugzglkeglgt; ing the remainder of the present fiscal year, of two clerks of class three, ,,,;,1,,;,,,,,,, clerk, four clerks of class two, nineteen clerks of class one, and two assistant in the pension messengers in the pension office, to be appointed by the Secretary of the ;{§;;h§;§‘,§:f’,§; Interior, eight thousand two hundred and sixty dollars; for office rent, Secretary or me furniture, and contingent expenses of said oihee for the same period, six l¤i€§i°*Gl *;***66 thousand five hundred dollars; and for the payment, during the fiscal year ggimmy y ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-two, of four clerks of _18r1,ch. 60. class three, eight clerks of class two, forty-eiglnt clerks of class one, and l°l· """ P' 4u' three assistant messengers in said office, to be appointed by the Secretary of the Interior, seventy-seven thousand three hundred and sixty dollars; and for office rent, furniture, stationery, and contingent expenses of said 0{'lice during the said year, seven thousand dollars: Provided, $'°Vlsl°¤¤ of That nothing in any act contained shall be construed to alter or amend u28N_ 0h_ 22E__ an act entitled "An act to define the duties of pension agents and pre- Vol. xvi. p, 193, scribe the manner of paying pensions, and for other purposes." approved ‘;;i‘tdh“€ “Pl’l‘°“bl° . . . . . prosecu- July eighth, eighteen hundred and seventy; but the provisions of said t=,,,,O;c;,,5m, act are hereby declared to be in full force and effect, and applicable to {Maud Q¤}’m¤¤i·¤ the prosecution of claims to pension, and to the payment of pensions °f’ P°°sl°°°‘