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FORTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 46. 1873. 415 Sm. 4. That whenever the said company, in the construction of their C¤>¤¤i¤8» &¤·» railroad within the said District, as authorized by this act, shall ind it; 2]§fi;'{;"Qa§‘°‘*b’ necessary to cross or intersect any established road, street, or other way, ' it shall be the duty of said company so to construct the said railroad across such established road, street, or other way, as not to impede the passage or transportation of persons or property along the same; and where it shall be necessary to pass the said railroad through the lend of any individual within the said District, it. shall be the duty of said company to provide for such individual wa,gon—wa,ys across the said railroad Wagon·w;gs as may be necessary and proper, from one part of his land to another; f°"“di"ld“ · but nothing herein contained shall be so construed as to authorize the said company to enter upon any 101: or square, or part thereof, owned by the No lot opvned United States, within the limits of the cities of Washington or George- gag; town, for the purpose of locating or constructing the said railroad, or for sw., t3 be méu. the purpose of excavating the same, or taking therefrom any materials, or for any other purposes and uses whatsoever; but the said company, in Route ofroad passing into said cities of Washington or Georgetown, shall pass along l¤!V3Sh*¤€’°¤ or through or across such street or streets or alleys as may be hereafter m °°rg°t°"°' allowed by the Congress of the United States, upon presentation of survey and map of proposed location of said road ; and the said Washington City and Point Lookout Railroad Company may connect within said Company may District wich any railroad or canal company chartered, or hereafter to be chartered, by such route or routes within said District as may be here- gw_, company, after determined by Congress, and upon such terms as may be agreed upon by the said companies respectively, or as may be prescribed by Con ess. Si;. 5. That the said Washington City and Point Lookout Railroad Charges fm- Company may charge and receive for tolls and transportation on a1l“;l:€&*;{:)?1P’““* that part of said road within the District of Columbia, a. rate not to p ’ exceed five cents per ton per mile; and the said company may charge and receive for taking up and setting down any passenger or traveller within said District conveyed e shorter distance than four miles a. sum nocexceeding twelve cents; and Congress reserves the power to further maybe mgm regulate the cost of transportation of persons and freight over said road bmi by C°¤· within said District. g ` Sec. 6. And the said company are also hereby authorized and empow- Conveyance of ered to make such special contract with any duly authorized officer or ¤}<>¤;_¤il»:¤d¤¤r· agent of the United States for the conveyance of the mail 01* the trans- ¥};°;tB°:{§t:m portation of persons or property for the use of the United States on any railroad which shall be constructed by the said company, on such terms as shall be approved of by the competent officer or authority, and to receive such compensation so agreed for according to the terms of such contract. Sec. 7. That unless the said company shall commence the construction Road when co of said read within two years, and complete the same, with at least one l>¤;°mm°{¤i¢g set of tracks, within four years from the passage of this act, then this act lm °°mP ° ° ' and all rights and privileges hereby granted shall cease and determine. And the Congress of the United States shall have authority at any time hereafter 00 grant similar privileges as are herein granted to any other h£*3:¤&£;';V*· company incorporated or to be incorporated by the State of Maryland, or companies_ by Congress, or to enact such rules and regulauons prescribung the speed of cars passing over said med, and amy other matters relemng thereto, necessary for- the security of the persons and property of the inhab1tants of the District of Columbia, in such manner as the present or any future Congress may deem expedient: Provided, That Congress shall have mfg? m“Y b° “l" power to alter, amend, or repeal this act. Ammovnn, January 22, 1873.