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438 FORTY-SECON D CONGRESS. Sess. IH. Ch. 138. 1873. with the various Indian tribes, and where the exigencies of the service require it, goods and supplies for the Indian service for the Escal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-four, may be purchased and transported during the current fiscal year: Superintend- For pay of eight superintendents of Indian aiiairs, namely: Two super- °““· intendents for the tribes east of the Rocky mountains; one for Oregon; one for the Territory of Wasliington; one for the Territory of New Mexico; one for California; one for the Territory of Arizona; and one for the Territory of Montana, nineteen thousand one hundred dollars. _Ag¢{¤*»¤ fb! For pay of seventy-one agents of Indian affairs, namely: mgiiégn, Five for the tribes in Oregon, namely: Warm Springs, Klamath, Grand ' Ronde, Siletz, and Umatilla agencies; wnnningnnn; Three for the tribes in Washington Territory, namely: Neah Bay, Yakama, and Skokomish agencies ; California; Three for the tribes in California, namely: Hoopa Valley, Round Valley, and Tule River agencies; Nevada; Two for the tribes in Nevada, namely: Pi·Ute and Walker River, and Pyramid Lake agencies; Idaho; '1‘w0 for the tribes in Idaho, namely: Nez Perce and Fort Hall agencies. Montana; Four for the tribes in Montana, namely: Flatheads, Blaokfeet, Crow, and Milk River agencies; Dakota; Ten for the tribes in Dakota, namely: Red Cloud, Whetstone, Yankton, Ponca, Upper Missouri, Grand River, Cheyenne River, Fort Berthold, Sisseton, and Devil’s Lake agencies; Wyoming; One for the tribes in Wyoming, namely : Shoshone and Bannock _ aeencles ; {Itoh; DOne for the tribes in Utah, namely: Uintah Valley agency; New Mexico; Six for the tribes in New Mexico, namely: Albiquin, Navajo, Cimma— ron, Mescalero Apache, Southern Apache, and Pueblo agencies; Colorado; Two for the tribes in Colorado, namely: Los Pinos and lVhite River agencies; Nebraska; ¤Six for the tribes in Nebraska, namely: Great Nemaha, Omaha, Winnebago, Pawnee, Otoc, and Santee agencies; Kansas; Three for the tribes in Kansas, namely: Pottawatomie, Kaw or Kansas. and Kickapoo agencies; Indian Terri- Ten for the tribes in the Indian Territory, namely: Sac and Fox,

  • °’Yi Quapaw, Neosho, Kiowa and Comanche, Upper Arkansas, Wichita,

Cherokee, Creek, Choctaw and Chickasaw, and Seminole agencies; M;n,,ns,,t,, One for the tribes in Minnesota, namely: Chippewa agency; Iowa; One for the tribes in Iowa, namely: Sac and Fox of Iowa agency; and it duty of agent; shall be the duty of said agent to reside at or near where said tribes are located, giving all necessary time to their education and in instructing them in agriculture and mechanic arts. W;,,,,,,,,;,,, Two for the tribes. in Wisconsin, namely: Green Bay and La Pointe a ncles; Michigan; geOne for the tribes in Michigan, namely: Mackinac agency; New York; One for the New York Indians, namely: New York agency; A,;,O,,,,_ Seven for the tribes in Arizona, namely: Papago, Colorado River, Pima and Maricopa, Chiricahui, Camp Verde, Camp Apache, and Moquis Pueblo agencies, one hundred and six thousand five hundred dollars: Services of Provided, That it shall be the duty of the President to dispense with the gwéaiiztseggg services of such Indian agents and superintendents herein mentioned as ,0 *},8 dispensed may be practicable; and where it is practicable he shall require the same

lpnere prac- igipgp to perform the duties of two agencies or superintendencies for one

‘ s r . Special agen; For pay of special agent for the Goship Western and Northwestern bands of Shoshones, in Western Utah and Eastern Nevada, one thousand five hundred dollars.