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464 F ORTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 147-149. 1873. supplies, to report to the Indian bureau the number of Indians present and actually receiving the same; said reports to be embodied by the Indian commissioner in his annual report. Amutovnn, February 14, 1873. Feb. 17, 1873. CHAP. CXLVII. ——An Act to reaeyust the western Boundary of Dakota Territory. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Certain portion States of America in Congress assembled, That all that portion of Dakota ff D"k°*“ T°"l‘ Territory lying west of the one hundred and eleventh meridian of lonory attached to . . . . . . , Mom,,,,,, Te,,.;- gitude which, by an erroneous definition of the boundaries of said

  • ¤¤‘Y· 'l`erritory by a. former act of Congress, remains detached and distant

from Dakota proper some two hundred miles, be, and the same is hereby, attached to the adjoining territory of Montana. ,AI’1’ROVED, February 17, 1873. Feb. 17, 1873. CHAP. CXLVIII. —An Act prohz'biti'ng GQ'! Enterprises in the District of Columbia. Be it enacted by the Senate and House q/' Representatives of the United Gif?_¤¤*¢{DFlS<>S States of America, in Congress assembled, That so much of the act of the

 legislative assembly of the District of Columbia, entitled "An act imposbia. ing a license on trades, business, and professions practiced or carried on

in the District of Columbia," approved August twenty-third, eighteen hundred and seventy-one, as authorizes gift enterprises therein and licenses to be issued therefor, is disapproved and repealed; and hereafter it shall be unlawful for any person or persons to engage in said business in any manner as defined in said act or otherwise; and any person or per- Penalty. sons so doing, on conviction thereof in the police court of said District, on information filed for and on behalf of said District, in the manner provided for in the sixteenth section of the act creating the police court in said District, for the enforcement of laws or ordinances of the late corporations of WVashingt0n, Georgetown, and the levy court, shall pay a fine of not exceeding one thousand dollars, or he imprisoned in the jail of said District for a period of not less than one nor more than six months, Appeal. or both, in the discretion of the court: Provided, That any party deemiug himself aggrieved by the judgment of said court may appeal therefrom to the criminal court of said District, in the manner provided for in other cases of convictions in the said police court, and the judgment of said criminal court shall be iinal. Armzovicn, February 17, 1873. Feb. 17, 1873. CHAT'. CXLIX. -— An Act to cmg/frm certain Entries of Lands therein named. Be it enacted an the Senate and House of Rejzresentatives of the United Certain 0,,,,,,,8 States of America, in Congress assembled, That all entries of public lands 0f public lands under the act to gra<lu:1te and reduce the price of the public lands subject 1°¥§’ggi°‘l· to entry to actual settlers and cultivators, approved the fourth dav of , ch. 244. · , , ·· , Vo1.x.p.s74. August, eighteen hundred and fifty-four; made prior to the passage ot this act, in which the purchaser has made the aflidavit and paid, or tendered, the purchase-money as required by said act, and the instructions issued and in force, and in the hands of the register at the time of Patents. making said entry, are herehy legalized, and patents shall issue to the Tender. parties, respectively, provided that in case of tender the money shall be paid, excepting those entries under said act which the commissioner of the general land office may ascertain to have been fraudulently or eva- Entnes hereto- sively made: Provvjded, '1`hat this act shall not be so construed as to

  • `°¤”*> ¤¤¤¤ll°<*~ ¤°* conlirm any of said entries which have heretofore been annulled and

confirmed. · · _· . vacated by said commissioner on account of fraud, evasion of law, or Ri hts nr other special cause: Andprovidedjitrtfter, That nothing herein contained Hcfutd ¤¢“l¢P5· shall be so construed as to deprive any actual settler and cultivator of