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FOR'1`Y—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 21. 1871. 11 March third, eighteen hundred and seventy-one, making appropriations ,Pl¤¤!¤ imd ‘P°‘ for the naval service for the year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred gféiggisoffr and seventy-two, and for other purposes, the same be amended as follows: dock to be in- In section two strike out all of the section from and including the word gimd by thi. b “provided,” where it first occurs, and insert in lieu thereof the follow- myo t Q ing: "And the Secretary of the Navy is authorized to invite, by public 187Y·<>h-U7»i2· advertisement, plans and specifications for such dock, and to award to any V‘}l;,X;éuQ',g?,4° person not in the naval service, whose plans may be adopted by the Navy plans? &c. Department, a sum not exceeding five thousand dollars. But no plan shall be adopted until it shall first receive the sanction of a board of not Yl¤¤¤ ¤°**°. less than five experienced officers, to be appointed by the Secretary of the §,°:d°pt’°d u°m’ Navy, a majority of whom shall be constructors and engineers, and one of whom shall be an experienced civil engineer; and it shall be the duty of said board to consider all the plans and specifications laid before it, whether the same were prepared in the Navy Department or by parties competing therewith, and the plans and specifications that shall be adopted shall be opened to the inspection of all persons who desire to become bidders, for at least ninety days before the awarding of said c0ntract." For three assistant observers at the Naval Observatory, in addition A¤si¤*°m*°*;1 to the sum appropriated by the “Act making appropriations for the $,°b;;°;ig,.!_:" naval service for the year ending June thirty, eighteen hundred and 1871,¢yb· 117· seventy-two, and for other purposes," approved March third, eighteen V°1‘"" P' 52°‘ hundred and seventy-one, five hundred dollars. Sec. 19. '1`hat so much of the proviso in the act making appropriations _Maring hos, to supply deficiencies, and so forth, approved April twentieth, eighteen ¥3g;ab‘§ld‘“$ “* hundred and seventy, as limits the completion of the marine hospital Repgni or pm. building at Chicago, Illinois, to a sum not exceeding three hundred vim [0 ¤¤;° thousand dollars, is hereby repealed; and it shall be lawful for the proper y},§&,§_i%5_ authorities to expend the money already appropriated for continuing the work upon said building: Provided, That no part that no part thereof No pm to be shall be expended until plans and specifications shall have been completed ?P€¤d€d ¤¤*u» that will limit the cost of said building to a sum, including all moneys al- °' ready expended, not exceeding three hundred and fifty-nine thousand seven hundred and seventy-nine dollars and thirty-four cents. Sec. 20. That the Secretary of the Treasury be authorized to sell, for- _Msri¤e hosthe best price in cash that can be obtained, the marine hospital building gfglgrgtiggozg in the city of San Francisco; and the proceeds of such sale, or so much bg Sold, thereof as may be necessary, shall be held and reserved as a fund for wIg¤‘0¢¢°%;dh°W the erection of a pavilion hospital on some government reservation in or °°Pp ' near said city, if Congress shall hereafter so determine. Sec. 2l. That there be appropriated out of any money in the treasury Destitnte aged not otherwise appropriated, twelve thousand dollars for the relief of desti- Egiystggg tute aged persons in the District of Columbia, such sum to_be received and hmmm distributed by such officer or association of persons in the District of appropriation Columbia as the Secretary of War shall designate, and that a report of :m’ui;f° dw the distribution of the money hereby appropriated shall be made to Congress at its next session. Sec. 22. That the Secretary of War is hereby authorized to furnish to lcgpdsrrgm for the National Freedmen’s Relief Association condemned clothing and bed- gzggigxgg FQ29d_ ding, if such there be on hand, not needed by the army, not exceeding men’s_Re1iefAstive thousand dollars in value, for distribution among the destitute aged ’°°*°'”°¤· persons above mentioned. _ _ Sec. 23. That t.he use of the buildings in Armory Square occupied by inU¤§]°§g:$d· the quartermastefs department, if not needed for the public service, be Sggam gmmg granted, in the discretion of the Secretary of WVar, to the association above to, it', &o. mentioned, for the purpose of enabling it still further to relieve the destitute persons above mentioned. I _ ‘ _ B 1d_ f _Ssc. 24. That the provisions in the act entitled ‘ An act making appro- cmghggusz priations for sundry civil expenses of the government for the year ending