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476 FORTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 199, 200. 1873. Residence and Sec. 2. That the collector of said district shall reside at Brashear, in {gg; °f °°l‘ the parish of Saint Mary, which is hereby made the port of entry of said Brgshear made collection district of the Teche, and shall be entitled to receive a salary sport ofentry. of one thousand dollars yearly, said salary to cover all expenses to the United States for house-rent and storage. Approved, February 25, 1873. Feb. 25, 1873. CHAP. CXCIX. —An Act jbr the Reliefof S. P. Jocelyn. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives q" the United S. P. Jocelyn States ny" America in Congress assembled, That upon the occurrence of a °¤*iFl°d_**> PN- vacancy of the grade of first lieutenant in his regiment, Second Lieutenant man m tm S. P. Jocelyn, twenty-first infantry, shall he entitled to promotion to the grade of first lieutenant, with date of commission and relative rank in the army held by him on the thirty-first day of December, eighteen hundred Pi-oviso. and seventy: Provided, That this act grants no back pay or additional pay in any manner whatsoever. Ariutovno, February 25, l873. Feb. 25, 1873. CHAP. CC. -— An Act to amend an Act entitled "An Act to provide for holding a Cir-

 cuit C'cm·t of the [hired States in the western District of Missouri," approved June

Ante, p. 282. ery/rt, eighteen hundred and seventy-Zwo. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Circuit court of Stories of America, in Congress assembled, That the circuit court of the ¥h¤tH¤i*°*l Sims United States in and for the eastern district of Missouri, which was ,§;m§t‘¥fff;_ created by the act of which this act is amendatory, is hereby vested with souri to dispose full and complete jurisdiction to hear, determine, and dispose of; according gf §lLj;l*:·c§f§fit to the usual course of judicial proceedings, all suits, causes, motions, and court. other matters which were pending in the late circuit court of the United States in and for the districts of Missouri at the time the act of which this act is amcndatory took effect, and also all other matters which have since arisen that pertain to said suits or causes; and also to make all orders and issue of all processes which said last-named court might have done if it had not ceased to exist; and said circuit court in and for said eastern district of Missouri is hereby vested with jurisdiction and authority to do all and singular that may in the due course of judicial proceedings pertain to any of said suits, causes, or unfinished business, as fully as the said circuit court in and for the districts of Missouri might have done if said act had never been passed. Aupmms, Sec. 2. That the service of process, mesne or final, issued out of said &c., made valid; circuit court of the United States in and for the district of Missouri, which service was had after the act of which this act is amendatory took effect, and all levies, seizures, and sales made thereunder, also all service, seizures, levies, and sales made under any process which issued as out of said court after the said act took effect, are hereby made valid; and Wim., to bg all said processes are to be deemed returnable to said circuit court of the <l¢¤¤¤¤d ¤>*¤¤¤· United States in and for the eastern district of Missouri as of the return am` day thereofl Cam pending Site. 3. That either of said United States circuit courts in and for the in either of the eastern and in and for the western district of Missouri may order any $2*1%*:8:2:5**-grior suit, cause, or other matter pending therein, and commenced prior to the to, &,,_, may 1,, creation of said new court, to be transferred for trial or determination to transferred to the the other of said circuit courts, when, in the opinion of the court, said °°‘°' °°“'°‘ transfer ought to be made ; and the court to which said transfer is made shall have as full authority and jurisdiction over the same from the date the certified transcript of the record thereof is filed as if the same had been originally pending therein. Clerk for east- Sec. 4. That the clerk of said circuit court in and for the eastern g;’;_;1'5;;'%l;‘;0dy district of Missouri, and his successors in office, shall have the custody of of regards, gw, all records, books, papers, and property belonging or in any wise apper-