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FORTY—-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 226. 1873. 503 ment building, and all the bureaus therein, to be allotted to day or night Department of service, as the Secretary of the Interior may direct, twenty-one thousand *h° I¤°°*‘i°*· three hundred and sixty dollars. For stationery, furniture, advertising, telegraphing, and miscellaneous Stations , items, twelve thousand dollars. f¤f¤it¤1‘¤. gt For expenses of packing and distributing ofdcial documents, including Distribution of salary of superintendent, seven thousand dollars. d<><>¤¤¤¤¤'¤¤· For rent and fitting up rooms for the use of the pension-office and for _R¤¤ms f‘¤r penthe bureau of education, sixteen thousand dollars. f)‘3;‘;§g?:§;3_ For casual repairs of the Department building, including new windows non. for F street wing, repairing ceilings and walls of model saloon, painting F€P=*i¤'¤ of and kalsomining and repairs to the root fourteen thousand dollars. g;};'g°§;cfu°l' For fuel, light, and salary of the engineer, at one thousand four hun- i dred dollars, and repairs of the heating-apparatus, eighteen thousand two hundred dollars. General Land Oj‘ice.——For commissioner of the general land office, General land three thousand dollars; chief clerk, two thousand dollars; recorder, °m1$°· f. . two thousand dollars; three principal clerks, at one thousand eight hun- s;0n2£°dg::,,m* dred dollars each; three clerks of class four, twenty-three clerks of class &c. three, forty clerks of class two, forty clerks of class one; one draughtsman, at one thousand six hundred dollars; one assistant draughtsman, at one thousand four hundred dollars; two messengers, three assistant messengers, seven laborers, and two packers; in all, one hundred and seventy-one thousand nine hundred and twenty dollars. Also, for addi- Addition;] tional clerks on account of military bounty-lands, namely: For principal <=!¢1‘k¤· clerk, two thousand dollars; one clerk of class three, four clerks of class two, thirty-five clerks of class one, and two laborers; in all fifty-two thousand six hundred and forty dollars: Provided, That the Secretary of the Interior, at his discretion, shall he, and he is hereby, authorized to use any portion of said appropriation for piece-work, or by the day, month, or year, at such rate or rates as he may deem just and fair, not exceeding a salary of one thousand two hundred dollars per annum. For maps, diagrams, stationery, furniture, and repairs of the same; Msps,stationmiscellaneous items, including two of the city newspapers, to be filed, °’Y» *"'P“‘“·&°‘ bound, and preserved for the use of the office; advertising and telegraphing; miscellaneous items on account of bounty-lands and military patents under the several acts, and contingent expenses under the swampland act, thirty thousand dollars. Indian Ojjice.-—For compensation of the commissioner of Indian I¤di¤¤ ¤fli¤¢· affairs, three thousand dollars; chief clerk, two thousand dollars; five m£5§n‘;°QQgt~ clerks of class four, nine thousand dollars; eight clerks of class three, clerk, &ci twelve thousand eight hundred dollars; twelve clerks of class two, sixteen thousand eight hundred dollars; nine clerks of class one, ten thou-_ sand eight hundred dollars; four copyists, at nine hundred dollars each; one watchman, one laborer, one messenger, and one assistant messenger; in all, sixty thousand nine hundred and eighty dollars. For blank books, binding, stationery, fuel, lights, and miscellaneous items, including two city newspapers, to be filed, bound, and preserved for the use of the office, five thousand dollars. Pension-office. —— For compensation of commissioner of pensions, Pension-omce. three thousand dollars; chief clerk, two thousand dollars; twenty-two d05g%;;°“” clerks of class four, fifty-two clerks of class three, eighty-four clerks of ’ ` class two, one hundred and twenty-six clerks of class one, twenty-five copyists, at nine hundred dollars each, one messenger, twelve assistant messengers, six laborers, four watchmcn, one engineer, one thousand four hundred dollars; one assistant engineer, one thousand dollars; in all, four hundred and thirty-eight thousand one hundred and eighty dollars. For stationery, engraving, and retouching plates; for bounty—land warrants, printing and binding the same, engraving and printing pension-