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FOR'l`Y—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 2], 28. 1871. 17 CHAP. XXVII. -——An Act to establish certain Post-Roads. APYH 20s 1871*- Be it enacted by the Senate and }]ouse of Representatives of the Mliiéd 3(§°fO€°S§égpgg’ States of America in Congress assembled, That the following be, and M0 58};,ii hereby, established as post-roads : -— P9$V'°%dS °S‘ tablished in INDIANA. Indiana. From Martinsville, via Oakfarm and Nashville, to Elkinsville. From Franklin, via Bargersville and Cope, to Martinsville. Approved, April 20, 1871. CHAP. XXVIII. —- An Act to establish Post-Routes. April 20, 1871. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United eSggigi,(!:;t?€ States of America in Congress assembled, That the following be established as post-routes, to wit:— ARKANSAS. Arkansas; From Lamartine, in Columbia county, to Centerville, in Hempstead county. From Mt. Ida, via Iron Sulphur Springs and Shipman Reeds’, to Bluffton. ILLINOIS. inmois; From Saint Elmo, Fayette county, via Hickory Creek and Lester, to Patoka. From Olney, via Onion Hill, Swanstown, Horton Hill, South Muddy, and Elliotstown, to Effingham. From Omaha, via Southampton, Youngs Station, and Rectorville, to Griswold. INDIANA. Indiana.;' From Bono, via Saltilloville and Claysville, to Livonia. IOWA. Iowa; From Sidney to Riverton. KANSAS. Kansas; From New Chicago to Fredonia. MICHIGAN. Michigan; From Amadore to Goodland. From Northville to Milford. From Lapeer to North Branch. From Lapeer to Hadley. From North Branch to Doyle’s Mill. From North Branch to Newbury, via Clifford. From Milford to Holly. BIINNESOTA. Minnesota, From Rush City, via Stanchtield, to Princeton. From Benson to Lac-qui-parle. From Forest City, via Silvan Hill, Forest Prairie, to Cold Spring. From Carver to Henderson. From Ru<h City, via Anderson Post·Office, to Grantsburg, `Wisconsin. From Cambridge to Stark. From Mednlia to Golden Gate. From St. Cloud, via Saint Wendell and Youngs Corners, to Holdings Ford. MONTANA. Montana- From Virginia City to Summit City. VOL. xvii. 1’u1s.— 2