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18 FORTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 28,29. 1871. Posbroutes MISSOURI. established in _ _ Mi°”°“"li From Brookfield, via North Salem, Owasco, Kedsvdle, to Unionville, From Osceola, via Humansville, to Bolivar. Stoutland, via Hazel Green, N ebo, Pine Creek, and Competition, to Hartville. _ Forsyth, Missouri, via Long Creek, to Berryville, Arkansas. Marshfield, via Arno and Gainesville, to Batesville, Arkansas. Plymouth to Dunkle’s. Store. Richey to Washburne. -Riehey, via Newtonia, to Huntsville. Marshfield, via Miteomah, Elma, Ming’s Springs, and Elk Creek, to Aurora. Marionville, via Berryville, to Clarksville, Arkansas. Marionville, via Flat Creek and Hazel Barrens, to Huntsville, Arkansas. Ozark, via Goff Creek, to Galena. Nebraska; NEBRASKA. From Wisner, via Fairfield and Santee City, to N iobrara. From Hooper, via valleys of Logan and Omaha Creeks, to Covington. N¤v¤<1¤s NEVADA. From Winnemucca to Camp Winfield Scott. Nowldexico; NEW MEXICO. From Mesilla to La Union. From Clifton to Dry Cimarron. Ohio; From Wilmington, via Cuba, to Blanchester. Pennsylvania; A. From Wampnm, Lawrence county, to North Sewickly, Beaver county, and thence, via Wirtemburg and Chenango, to Wampum. wmvirgam. WEST VIRGINIA. From Princeton, via Jordans Chapel, to county seat of Summer county. From Rod Sulphur Springs, via Salt Wells, to Princeton. Approved, April 20, 1871. Am.;] 20, ;gy;_ CHAP. XXIX. -·-_An Act autlmrizinq the Seeretar: of Wa¢· to place certain condemned ’°"·"‘··*······· égryirpnnat the Dcsposat of “The Pennsylvania 2{Nttmy Legion of the City of Philap ea. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Condeznnpd States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of War be, f,';';‘;‘§,M;hf and he js hereby, authorized to place at the disposal of “The Pennsylva- Millmyy Legion, ma Military Legion of the City of Philadelphia " twelve condemned can- 5};- fir rpg1in- non. to be u=ed in the erection of a monument in their cemetery. mQ‘m‘j,y_ °“` Approved, April 20, 1871.