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542 FORTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 228. 1873. Balance of sp- Sec. 2. That the unexpended balance of the appropriation of one mill"°l"i““°’Lf°' lion dollars for payment of any balance due, or to be found due, during

 the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-two,

amounts due for to any State for costs, charges, and expenses, contemplated and provided §;{;_j·l‘*¤g;&gg _ for in and by the act approved July twenty-seventh,·eighteen hundred and propiilatodji P Sixty-one, being an act entitled "An act to indemnify certain States for $$13; Zgm expenses incurred by them in enrolling, equipping, and transporting troops; 187é, c,,l’i12_‘ for the defense of the United States dnring the war of the late rebellion, Ante, p. 129. IB hereby reappropriated for the service of the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-three. _ Topogrsphoi-, Sec. 3. That a sum sufficient to pay the amounts due respectively to f,g;c°Igcl*`°f; the topographer, and to the assistant carpenter of the -Post-office Department pa ment, and the superintendent of the post-office building, under the pro- 1872. Ch- 335- visions of the " act to revise, consolidate, and amend the statutes relating A"l°*i°p‘ 283*28* to the Post-ofiice Department," approved June eighth, eighteen hundred William M- and seventy-two, is hereby appropriated; and to pay William M. Ireland I'?“§f‘McGmW and J. M. McGrew for preparing regulations and instructions for the use I` of the I’ost—0ilice Department under the new postal code, the sum of one thousand dollars each is hereby appropriated. Registered To supply deficiency in the appropriation for registered package-envc— {’°°l‘“S°‘°¤‘·'°‘ lopes for the Post—oflioe Department for the fiscal year ending June thir- °p°S` tieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-two, eleven thousand and fifty-three dollars and two cents. Salaries of For balance on salaries of postmasters for the year ending June thir- P°““‘“""’· tieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-three, one hundred and eighty-four thousand dollars. Postroffice at To enable the Postmaster-General to pay the expenses incurred in Ch‘“l°S“m*S‘C‘ eighteen hundred and sixty-six in fitting up the post-ofiice at Charleston, South Carolina, one thousand four hundred and thirty dollars and five cents. Postage-stumps Sec. 4. That the following amounts, or so much thereof as may be f’;d°§;¤;;t?nfl;g€: necessary, are hereby appropriated for the following-named officers and fo,. the gm, wd_ departments for purchase of postage-stamps for use during the fiscal year ingJuno30, 1874. ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-four: For executive office, six hundred dollars; for Department of State eighty-three thousand dollars; for Post-office Department, eight hundred thousand dollars; for Treasury Department, five hundred and four thousand dollars; for Navy Department, thirty-eight thousand dollars; for Interior Department, two hundred and twenty thousand dollars; for Agricultural Department, fifty-two thousand dollars; for Department of Justice, fifteen thousand dollars; for War Department, one hundred and fifty-three thousand dollars; for offices of the clerk of the House of Representatives, the Secretary of the Senate, and the sergeant-at—arms of the House of Representatives, one hundred dollars each; making, in all, one million eight hundred and sixty-five thousand and nine hundred dolspooisidstsmps lars: Provided, That the Postmaster-General shall cause to be prepared °”*¤mP° €l]Y°· a special stam or stamped envelo e, to be used onl for official maillz5s?,?;,,??};? matter, for eazh of the executivepdepartments ; andy said stamps and the executive stamped envelopes shall be supplied by the proper officer of said departd€l’““"‘°“*’i ments to all persons under its direction requiring the same for official use; and all appropriations for postage heretofore made shall no longer be available for said purpose; and all said stamps, and stamped envelopes to bg $014 at shall be sold or furnished to said several departments or clerks only at Wl¤¤¢ P1‘i<=¢· the lprice for which stamps and stamped envelopes of like value are sold at the several post-oflices. Charles H, w_ For one month’s salary of the late Charles H. W. Meehan, assistant M¤¤lw¤· librarian, for the month of July, eighteen hundred and seventy-two, to be paid to Mary M. Meehan, his widow, two hundred and ten dollars and sixty cents.