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562 FORTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Sxcss. IH. Ch. 233. 1873. Burlington. For the improvement of Burlington harbor, Vermont, twenty-five thousand dollars. Falls of Ss. For the preservation of the falls of Saint Anthony, Minnesota, and §‘;‘;;‘;;.;’p‘;“g m_ the navigation of the Mississippi river above the same, fifty thousand dol- `lars.

Minnesota For the improvement of the Minnesota river, Minnesota, ten thou-

“"1§;bvisO sand dollars: Provided, That one half of said sum shall be expended ` between the mouth of the Yellow Medicine and Minnesota falls OH said river. Lock and dam For construction of the lock and dam on the Mississippi river, at ?;lB:{’k°"° Meekcfs island, Minnesota, according to the surveys and plans of the ` lVar Department, twenty-five thousand dollars: Provided, Thai: all rights Rights of Min- and claims in and to the lzmd-gram; made to the·State of Minnesota for

E‘L°(;‘u§’;’hl;g mst the above work, by act approved July twenty-third, eighteen hundred and

` sixty-eight, shall be fully relinquished be the United States before any of this appropriation is expended. mg?¥;}=; MiSSi¤- For the improvement of the Upper Mississippi river, twenty-five thou- \ l' ° sand dollars. Iliinois river. For the im rovement of the Illinois river, one hundred thousand dol- I P ars. Dgs Moines For the improvement of the Des Moines rapids, Mississippi river, four mp' S` hundred thousand dollars. llgck Island For the improvement of the Rock Island rapids, Mississippi river, fifty ml"' S` thousand dollars. Harbor of For the improvement of the harbor of Refuge at the entrance of the R°*`"€‘*· Sturgeon Bay canal, forty thousand dollars. Mississippi, For the improvement of the Mississippi, Missouri, and Arkansas rivers, M’”°“"2 fwd AF one hundred thousand dollars. kansas m ers. _ , _ Xzzzoo river. For improvement of Xazoo river, forty thousand dollars.

Tommgbc¤ The ten thousand dollars appropriated at the second session of the

‘*‘j;m 3,,5 Forty-second Congress for the improvement of the Tombigbee river shall ’` be expended in the State of Mississippi. Osage river. For the improvement of the Osage river, Missouri, twenty-five thousand dollars. S Wwe and For the improvement of the Wliite mid Saint Francis rivers, fifty thou- .*“" "mm sand dollars. mgiilichita river. For che improvement of the Ouachita river, in Louisiana, sixty thousand dollars. Mississippi For the improvement of the Mississippi river between the mouth of HV"' the Missouri river and the mouth of the Ohio river, two hundred thousand dollars. Ohio raver. For the improvement of the Ohio river, two hundred thousand dollars.

£<£";%Y$x°*t· And than Goclfmy \Vei¤ze11 of the corps of engineers, United States army,

and pay pLéa;_ iri clmrge of the Louisville and Portland canal, is heieby empowered and &c-, claims0f J- directed, sub_]ecb to the approval of the clucf of engineers of said corps, C' D°““'°* to adjust and pay, out of any money appropriated for the improvement of said canal, to J. C. Dennis any lcrml or equitable claims he may have against the United States arising outbcf work done by him under Hugh McGlincy and C0mpzmy’s contract to perform work on said canal, in the years eighteen hundred and seventy-one and eighteen hundred and further sum as sevent *·two; mid said Godfrc Weitzell is further authorized and . . 9 . Y . . . . ““‘€“°°· directed 00 pay to szud J. C. Dennis, m acldition to the amount above provided for, such other sums as said llleitzcll shall find that said Dennis is legally or- equitably entitled to as assignee of Hugh McGli1icy and Amounts not pompany for work done by said Dennis on said improvement: Provided, m cxcggd what {hat such sums shall not. exceed the amount clue and owing by the g0v— the Unilgd SRM ernment of the United States for work done under said contract of Hugh 2:;;: l\IcGli¤cy and Company, and that the sums thus received of Weitzell Mufiuuey 8: Co. shall be in full of the claim of said McGliucy and Company under their