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FOR'1`Y—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 234. 1873. 569 manual labor equivalent to the loss of a hand or foot shall be entitled to 0. pension of fifteen dollars per month. Sec. 4. That from and after June fourth, eighteen hundred and seventy- Rates of eutwo, all persons entitled by law to a. less pension than hereinafter speci- **0** aim f“¤° fied, who, while in the military or naval service of the United States, and ggiiggigiifigiggsiiy in line of duty, shall have lost the sight of both eyes, or shall have lest disabled, and so the sight of one eye, the sight of the other having been previously lost, l}“lpi$_:“r:" nar or shall have lost both hands, or shall have lost both feet, or been per- ism., iii an- · manently and totally disabled in the same, or otherwise so permanently wher P¤FS°¤5 and totally disabled as to render them utterly helpless, or so nearly so as to require the regular personal aid and attendance of another person, shall be entitled to a pension of thirty-one dollars and twenty-five cents per month; and all persons who, under like circumstances, shall have of thosescalsiost one hand and one foot, or been totally and permanently disabled in "Ei:?“b“:“';;t;§ the same, or otherwise so disabled as to be incapacitated for performing gm.; g ’ any manual labor, but not so much as to require regular personal aid and attendance. shall be entitled to a pension of twenty-four dollars per month; and all persons wl10, under like circumstances shall have lost of those who one hand, or one foot, or been totally and permanently disabled in the *n*“'gl°’i,°“° same, or otherwise so disabled as to render their incapacity to perform gx, or mt' °r’ manual labor equivalent to the loss of a hand or foot, shall be entitled to a pension of eighteen dollars per month: Pr0vided,'1`hat all persons of those so diswhe, under like circumstances, have lost a leg above the knee, and in ::}:l‘{):*:1‘;;2:_Q{n_ consequence thereof, are so disabled that they cannot use artificial limbs, cia; limbs; shall be rated in the second class and receive twenty-four dollars per month; and all persons who under like circumstances, shall have lost of chose who the hearing of both ears, shall be entitled to e pension of thirteen dollars xv? 1°“° M"` per month: Provided, That the pension for a` disability not permanent, iii-udisabiuiy equivalent in degree to any provided for in this section, shall, during ¤<>*P¤¤¤¤¤°¤*i the continuance of the disability in such degree, be at the same rate as that herein provided for a permanent disability of like degree: Provided ¤<>_i¤¢Y¤¤¤*> °*` further, That, except in cases of permanent specific disabilities, no g$;?;:"n;(;n$.gm` increase of pension shall be allowed to commence prior to the date of the date of surgeorrs examining surgeon’s certificate, and that in this, as well as all other °°;2:_'£‘n;fliem be cases, the certificate of an examining surgeon, or of a board of examining Subjlgctto iinnmv. surgeons, shall be subject to the approval of the commissioner of pen- :¤mmi¤~ sions. B n n Sec. 5. That the rate of eighteen dollars per month may be proper- dididhdirdpgr tionately divided for any degree of disability established for which the *·*°““"5;. QF d§Ti_ second section of this act makes no provision. iigifngninzidgd Sec. 6. That officers absent on sick-leave, and enlisted men absent 011 for sick-furlough, or on veteran furlough, while with the organization to which 0nI;‘m‘fQ';’a':_l;s(‘f;‘t they belong, shall be regarded in the administration of the pension laws in furlough m be the same manner as if they were in the field or hospital. g¤fé¤<·>dg¤ dz? I Sec. 7. 'l`hat. the period of service of all persons entitled to the benefit °i»nQi;d%siP;;.j of the pension laws, or on account of whose death any person may be- vice to be cancome entitled to a pension, shall be construed to extend to the time of ;:3°i€;° °’“°°d clisbanding the organization to which such person belonged, or until their ` actual discharge for other cause than the expiration of the service of such organization. Sec. 8. That ifany person embraced within the provisions of the first Widows and section of this act has died since the fourth day of March, eighteen hundred and sixty-one, or shnll hereafter die, by reason of any wound, invniid nnnsinnni injury, or disease which, under the conditions and limitations of said under the first section, would have entitled him to an invalid pension had he been dis- abled, his widow, or if there be no widow, or in case of her death, with- snide pension as, Out payment to her of any part of the pension hereinaafter mentioned, his 8;?n)g¤d W what child or children, under sixteen years of age, shall be entitled to receive P ' the same pension as the husband or father would have been entitled to