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576 FORTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 234. 1873. for a term not exceeding three years, or by both, at the discretion of the court before whom such conviction shall be had; and no sum. of money Money due a due, or to become due, to any pensioner under the laws aforesaid, shall be gf:*;;°f;€g;'iff1'“' liable to attachment, levy, or seizure, by or under any legal or equitable mgnty gw, but i,, process whatever. whether the same remains with the pension-ofiice, or any b9l°¤S WMU? *0 officer or agent thereof, or IS in course of transmission to the pensioner hu"' entitled thereto, but shall inure wholly to the benetit of such pensioner. What certili: Sec. 34. That in all cases of application for the payment of pensions to °°·*°* '°q““'°‘l ‘“ invalid pensioners to the fourth day of September of an odd year. the cer- CSBBS of Bpplltth- .f. f . . d ·| » b sec. f tion i-0, i,,y,ii,,i,i ti icate o an examining surgeon u y appoin ny ie commiiioner o of certain invalid pensions, or of a surgeon of the army or navy, stating the continuance of Wgffgsgnm to the disability for which the- pension was originally granted, (describipg it,) .m,ew1m, and the degree of such disability at the time of making the certificate, shall be required to accompany the vouchers, and a duplicate thereof shall be filed in the office of the commissioner of pensions; and if in a case of continued disability it shall be stated at a degree below that for which the pensiop gras Ipriginally gpanteid, or was last paid, gis pgnsionexgi shall pply be pai crt e quarter then ue at the rate state in e certi cate: ro- (56,-gisciito of vided, That when a pension shall be granted for a disability consequent ¤¤¤*i¤¤¤¤°¤l¤<>* upon the loss of a limb, or other essential portion of the body, or for other

   Q2: cause which cannot in whole or in part he removed, or when a disability is

manent. certified by competent examining surgeons, to the satisfaction of the commissioner of pensions, to have become permanent in a degree equal to the whole rate of pension, the above certificate shall not be necessary to entitle More ei-sqm.; the pensioner to payment: And provided jltrther, That this section shall gwéggggn my not be construed to prevent the commissioner of pensions from requiringa ' more frequent examination if] in his judument, it is necessary. cam surgeons Sec. 35. That the commissioner of. pensions be. and he is hereby, em-

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    ::1** poweredtto appfomt, at his disyregxon, civil surgegms to maléebthe periodicpl

_ examina ions 0 pensioners w ic are, or may e, require y aw, an 0 m examine applicants for pension, where he shall deem an examination by a Ifee for exami— surgeon appointed by him necessary; and the fee for such examinations, €:**°[¤;·§°-» iQ and the requisite certificates thereof in duplicate, including postage on such siogzgeiépcn as are transmitted t0· pension-agents, shall be two dollars, which shall be paid by the agent for paying pensions in the district within which the pensioner or claimant resides, out of any money appropriated for the payment of pensions, under such regulations as the commissioner of pensions may prescribe. 3,,,,,d,, of Bx. S icc. .36. 'l`hat the commissioner of pensions be authorized to organize, smming Surge at his discretion, boards of examining surgeons, not to exceed three mem- §;°“‘Qcf‘"m "* bers, and that each member of a board thus organized who shall have been ` actually present and made, in connection with other members or member, an ordered or periodical examination, shall be entitled to the fee of one dollar, on the receipt of a proper certificate of said examination by the commissioner of pensions. Fxaminingsur. Sec. 37. That examining surgeons duly appointed by the commissioner §<=¤¤¤. Mi nwy of pensions, and such other qualified surgeons as may be employed in the i:af;q:;;$i,f°ux_ pension-office, may he required by him, from time to time, as he shall deem aminatiuns. for the interests of the government, to make special examinations of pen-

 l‘“"° sioners, or applicants for pension, and such examinations shall have prepcedence over previous examinations, whether special or biennial ; but when

If injustice is injustice IS alleged to have been done by an examination so ordered, the nilqsed, ¤¤<>h*¤<‘ commissioner of pensions may, at his discretion, select a board of three ggligzixfdinay duly-appointed examining surgeons, who shall meet at a place to be designated by him, and shall review such cases as may be ordered before Decision Oi aP_ them on appeal from any special examination as aforesaid, and the decision pollute board of such board shall be final on the uestion so submitted thereto, rovided bmi _ _ *1 P Pyy OHM9W_ the commissioner approve the same. The compensation of each of such ing imi-gems, surgeons shall be three dollars, and shall be paid onf of any appropriations