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FOR'I`Y—·SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 5, 6. 1872. 25 building shall be vested in the United States, and until the State of Illi- United States nois shall cede its jurisdiction over said site, and shall also duly release {‘aSd*m‘3Y° 'Pgi and relinquish to the United States the right to tax or in any way assess 31,, S2, °` said site or the property of the United States that may be thereon during ceded. &¤· the time that the United States shall be or remain the owner thereof. Approved, December 21, 1871. CHAP. VI. — An Act to establish Past-roads. Jam me 187% Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United £$€3§§8Q,gpg,§gj States 0 f America in Congress assembled, That the following be established Iiosmioadg 3S Poswoads * rv esiatiashee in ALABAMA. From Gordon, via Sellers, to Campbellton, in Florida. Alabama: From Cross Plains, via Collinsville, Gidleys, Thompsonville, and Hufi"s Gap, to Brock’s. From Jasper to Elyton. From Fulton to Bexar. From Chepultepec to Springville. From Columbia to Fort Gaines, in Georgia,. ARKANSAS. Arkansas; From Binkley to Jacksonport. DAKOTAH. Dakotah; From Bon Homme to Springneld. FLORIDA. risen; From Deadman’s Bay, via Spring Warrior, Hampton Springs, Perry C. H., Lovettls Mills, St. Augustine Crossroads, McCall’s Academy, to Quitman, in Georgia. From Mellonville, via Appopka and Oakland, to Orlando. GEORGIA. Georgia; From Washington to Lincolnton. INDIANA. Indiana; From Huntingburg, via Bretzville and St. Anthony, to Schnelleville. From Bennett’s Switch to Waupecong. From Hillsborough to Jacksonville. From Liberty to Fairhaven. IOWA. Iowa; From Fontanelle to Custom. _ _ From Spencer, via Sibley and Rock Rapids, to Sioux Falls, in Dakotah. From Eldora to Waterloo. From Lemars to Orange. From Lemars to Beloit. From Carroll to Winterset. From Yatton to Columbus City. From Stuart, via Arbor Hill, to Creston. ILLINOIS. Illinois; From Colchester to Fandom. , inAno. i¤¤¤<>· From Rock Creek to Six Islands. ri KENTUCKY. Kentucky. From Frankfort, via Peaks Mills, to Owentmn