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620 FORTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 309, 310. 1873. moneys received by said board, and present proper vouchers for all expenditures, and prepare, annually, a full and correct statement of the financial transactions of said board; e. copy of which statement, after being approved by the board, shall be transmitted to the governor aforesaid, whose duty it shall be to forward copies thereof to the council and house of delegates of the District of Columbia, if requested by reso- Pay and bond lution. As compensation for his services, the treasurer shall receive °H'°““'°" five hundred dollars per annum, and he shall be required to give bond in the sum of twenty thousand dollars, with good and sufficient securities, to be approved by the governor of the District of Columbia. It Duty of more- shall be the duty of the secretary of said board to keep an accurate

      • 7- account of all proceedings of the board in s. journal to be kept for thm;

purpose, and to perform such other duties as uppertain to his office or may be required of him by said board, and shall also act as secretary to the superintendent and perform such clerical service as may be PW required by said superintendent, and for his services he shall receive the Treasurer and sum of twelve hundred dollars per annum. It shall also be the duty of

fl‘;““"7 P° “°‘ the treasurer and the secretary to attend all meetings of the board, but

meetings, . but not m vm. they shall not be entitled to a vote. Removalof Sec. 4. That the governor of the District of Columbia shall be, and WSWS: &°· is hereby, empowered to remove any member or members, secretary or treasurer, of said board of trustees. · · _ · Sugerintendent Sec. 5. Thai: the governor of the District of Columbia shall appomt °*°¤° *;*21* *`°'°°l· a superintendent of schools for colored children, who shall receive the

?’ sum of two thousand Eve hundred dollars annually, and shall hold his

term of omce, office during the pleasure of the governor of the District of Columbia: ngem 0*.0508 Provided, That the terms of office for the several persons hereby authorwh,,nmbBg;u_ ized to be appointed shall begin on the first day of April, eighteen hundred and seventy-three, on which day the governor of the District of Columbia shall make the appointment herein provided for. And pro- No additional vided also, That said board of trustees shall not create any additional

f‘l::;{_‘;;°h“€° offices, or change or fix the salaries of the officers connected with scid

pmpomgn of board: And provided further, That the proportion of school-money now school-mvneyw due, or that may become due, to said board from the cities of Washing- Efgfud t° ”°““’ ton and Georgetown shall be paid to the treasurer of said board, and not to the trustees, as now provided. APPROVED, March 3, 1873. March 3, 1873. CHAP. CCCIX.-411 Act donating condemned Cannon and Cannonlzalls to the Wyo- ""‘_""" ming County S0ldz'ers’ Monument Association -— Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Condemned States of America, in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of lV:u· °¤¤¤°¤· &€·· *° be, and he is hereby, authorized to deliver, if the same can be done withthe Wyoming . . _ C¤u¤tyS¤1dim· cut detriment to the government, six condemned cannon, and sixteen Monument Asso- cannon-balls, to the Wyoming County (New York) So1diers’ Monument °"m°“‘ Association -— Approved, March 3, 1873. March 3, 1813. CHAP. CCCX·—·A¤ A01? to ¤¤¢h01‘iZ6 UIG Secretary] 1}/` War to survey, plat, and sell _L"‘“°"*' thejrresenl Cemetery Grounds upon the Fort Gratiot l ilitary Reservation in Mz'chigan, an for other Purposes. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Portionof _ States of America in Congress assembled, That so much of the Fort Gra— 52* zion military reservation, in the State of Michigan, as has heretofore been Kmdmpm gmmed to the city of ·P0rt Huron for a cemetery, shell be, upon the " Enron fomcem- request of said city, duly certified under the seel thereof, surveyed and

gl'3;s*;’sl:f;v';S§‘;K pleated into streets,. blocks, and lots, under the direction of the Secretary

and pimed im,0 of War, m coufcmuty to the plat of that portion of said military reserva- ¤tr¤¢¢S· &<=· ¤¤d Lion surrounding said cemetery, lately made by Major O. M. Poe, United