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FOR'I`Y—SECOND CONGRESS. Ssss. III. Ch. 320. 1878. 625 Shall be authorized and empowered to do any other act necessary, in his judgment, to carry into effect the awards of this commission, on notice to him by the said commissioners of their final award. Lands so patented shall be liable to taxation under the laws of Kansas after five years from Taxation by the Passing of this ect, or sooner if sold by the parties to whom they may K¤¤¤¤¤· be patented under the said award: Provided, however That the section on which the Ottawa University stands, or any part of it, which may remain as a. site of an institution of learning, shall remain free from taxation until the legislature of Kansas shall otherwise order The said commissioners Award of comshan be required to make an award in writing which, within thirty days ¤¤i¤¤i9¤¤¤ *0 be ,,36;- the case is finally submitted, shall be filed in the office of the Seere- g}i‘M!g:l;:€?§.;,° wry of Interior, and s. copy thereof shall be delivered by the Secre- of the I¤t¤¤·i<>r. tary of the Interior to each of said parties when the same is so tiled; and the concurrence of a majority of said commissioners in such award shall be necessary. Said c0mmiSSi0He!‘S shall also Hx the amount of fees or Fees fmj counwmpeusetion to be paid to the counsel of said Indians for services already 8*1 ‘° I“‘“"“”· rendered before the passing of this act, and which may be rendered hereafter in the premises, together with their expenses, which compensation Expenses gud and expenses shall be paid Out of the funds, property and assets awarded gg];;¤<>mm¤¤· to said Indians; and they shall also audit the costs of proceedings before Coste of pmthie commission, which, with the compensation of the commissions to be °¤¤¢ii¤K¤· Hxed by the Secretary of the Interior, and their expenses, together with the compensation and expenses of the commission appointed under the ect of June tenth, eighteen hundred and seve¤ty»two, to be presented by the Secretary of the Interior shall be paid out of the property as a. whole, and in proportion to the several iberests as adjudged. Sec. 3. That any vacancy occurring in this commission shall be filled Vacunciesjn by the President of the United States. *h° °°““”'“*°¤· Sec. 4. That any person or party interested in the awards to be Awards, how made under this act shall have the right to institute suit or suits et law, g2g' ;’f;e‘;Q"1°d or in chcmcery, before the circuit court of the United States within the State of Kansas, to carry into effect and enforce any decision made by the commissioners appointed under this act, and for this purpose, jurisdiction is hereby given t,0 said court in all cases thus arising, and from the orders, decrees, and judgments of said court in such cases appeals may be taken as in other cases. Sicc. 5. That if} at any time before the rendering of a decision by the Ifpmies agree commission aforesaid, the parties to the questions in coutroversity sha11gg£)f9“£:‘;*g;:€“t agree upon a settlement, and the said settlement shall be approved by mi$i0ners rendcr the Secretary of the Interior, then the Secret2.ry of the nterior is glen` ;*¤<‘i¤¤<;¤;L hereby authorized and empowered to issue patents of lands, and to do I§gQ‘i.r{0°cm; any other act necessary, in his judgment, to carry such settlement into itimo etfect, &c. effect, as if it were an award of the said commission, and each and all of the said parties shall have the right to enforce the terms of the set· Rights of par tlement by suit suits in law or in chancery as provided for in section ms m °°°h mm' four of this ect. SEO. 6. That upon carrying into effect of the award or settlement thJ*g*§¤i3**§:¤ gf aforesaid, the jurisdiction of the United States over the questions and prop- t0°m;;°upO,i °° erty hereinbefore named, and the trust relating thereto, created by the &e. eforenemed treaties shall cease and determine When ectmkes Sec. 7. That this act shall be in force from and after its passage °m*¤t· APPROVED, March 3, 1873. CHAP. CCCXX.—-An Act authorizing the Secretavy of War to have a Marzrxment erected at Salisbury, North Carolina, to the Illemory of the Soldiers who died in Prison and are there buried. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Oangress asseméled, That the Secretary of War is t Monumepfzg hereby authorized and directed to have erected in the national cemetery ° °“’°°°d*° ° VOL. xvrr. Pun.- 40