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FORTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 333. 1873. 633 regarded, in all respects, as citizens of the United States: Provided, That Those on citithey become citizens and comply with the provisions of the third and fourth Zeus' Hm *9 P9 Sections of this act relating to naturalization, And provided further That ;;?;°$,f;`¤°‘gc the Secretary of the Interior is hereby directed to ascertain what amount Artxoxxntjfauy, if any is due the Miami tribe of Indians referred to in the corrected lists 1%}** W ‘i“g¢‘”“ under the treaty of eighteen hundred and fifty-four, on account of certain mggnésclél-;,1,?:§d, annuities which were distributed to and among those persons of Miami Md d<¤d¤¤wdblood and descent who were included in the act of eighteen hundred and fifty-eight, and by virtue of the same were authorized and did receive their proportion respectively in said annuities, and to cause that amount to be deducted out of the consolidated fund as herein provided for mad paid to said Miami Indians referred to in said corrected lists made by virtue of the said treaty of eighteen hundred and fifty-four. Sue. 5. And the proceeds of the sales of the said unallotted lands, in~ Pmceedsm cluding said school section, and all moneys, securities, annuities, and §;“°’ °él°‘”g“· affects held by the United States fOr said Miami Indians of Kansas, after [O°§81h;r{,§,;L' making the foregoing deductions for citizen Indians and their minor chil- evt; of the Mmmi dren, shall belong to and be the exclusive property of the last-named In m"' Indians, to be known as their consolidated fund. Sec. 6. That the Secretary of the Interior is hereby authorized and Secretary or directed to examine a. contract made by and between the said Western th°.I"“’§°"°h°X‘ Miami Indians of Kansas, and the confcdcmted Wea, Peoria, Kaskaskia, Q22f3Q;,, lfgggcgu and Piaukeshaw Indians, made on the fifteenth day of January, anno thqwestcrn Mi- Domini, eighteen hundred and seventy-two, and m approve the same with 3‘;‘f}‘g;‘“;:‘fd such modifications as justice and equity may require; and, for the purpose ’ ’ of carrying into effect said arrangement may withdraw from said consoli- may pay, &c· dated fund, zmd pay to the confcdemtcd \Vea, Peoria, Kaskzmskia, and Piaukcslzaw Indians, a, sum su1Hcient to pay said We2,, Peoria, Kaskaskia, and Piunkeshaw Indians, according to said contract of the fifteenth of January aforesaid, for an interest in the lands of the Iast—u:xm©d confederated tribe, for all of said Miztmis, electing as aforesaid, to unite with said confcdemtcd tribe; and after making such payment, there shall be set apart and capitalized with the funds of said Wea., Peoria, Kaskaskia, and Pizmkcshztw Indians, :.1 sum sufficient to warra11t and justify all said Miztmis s0 entitled, and so electing, to unite with said ‘vV00,, Peoria, Kaskaskia and Piaukeshauv Indians in drawing thereafter like annuities with said Wea, Peoria, Kaskuskia, and Piunkeshaw Indians, without prejudice to the rights and interests of said last-named Indians ; and the remainder of such consolidated fund shall than be paid, (under like direction,) per capita, to all those so entitled, and so electing to unite with said Wha., Peoria Kz1s· kaskizt and ].)i&1llk€S112L\V Indians, to aid them in moving to, and improving their new homes in the Territory; and after their union with said confed- AM; vmop, eratcd Wha, Peoria, Kaskaskia, and Pizmkceshaw Indians, the united tribe ?;‘{);';‘;‘fgd°;;E:L shall be called the United Pcorias and Miamis, and thereafter shall all draw cquul and like annuities, according to the provisions of said contract of the fifteenth of January, anno Domiui, eighteen hundred and seventy-two, and such modifications ns may be agreed to by said contracting parties, with the approval of said secretary, as herein provided. Sxcc. 7. That the provisions of this act shall not in any way affect the Rights of ipdirights or claims of those individual Miamis or persons of Miami blood 01* H;‘;‘;'g~;;2:i'f"“ descent who are named in the corrected list referred to in the Senate amendment to the fourth article of the treaty of June fifth, eighteen hundred and fifty-four, or their descendants. APP1iOVED, March 3, 1873. CHAP. CCCXXXIII. —- An Act to restore a Part of the Round Valley Indian Reserva- March 3, 1873. tion, in Culfzrnia, to the public Lands and jbr other Purposes é';` Be it enacted by ihe Senate and House of Representatives the United Part Ofmund Slates of America in Congress assembled, That all that p0rt10¤ of the In- Valley {umm; m.