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FORTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 24, 25, 28. 1872. 33 cable, to make and publish such rules and regulations as he may deem have control of necessary or proper for the care and management of the same. Such ‘h° P“’ki regulations shall provide for the preservation, from injury or spoliation, *9 ‘“”k° ***1** of all t1mber,·mineml_deposits, natural curiosities, or wonders within said or its cm; park, and their retention in their natural condition. The secretary may may grant me m his discretion, grant leases for building purposes for terms not exceeding mn kms and ten years, of small parcels of ground, at such places in said park as shall 35.222 Pr°°°°d° require the erection of buildings for the accommodation of visitors; all of l the proceeds of said leases, and all other revenues that may be derived from any source connected with said park, to be expended under his direction m the management of the same, and the construction of roads and bridle-paths therein. He shall provide against the wanton destruction of shall prevent the fish and game found withih said park, and against their capture or de- gs °;?"t°'} (2,; struction for the purposes of merchandise or profit. He shall also cause all surdcgahis? and persons trespassing upon the same after the passage of this act to be re- m¤°*'° *¤'°¤· moved therefrom, and generally shall be authorized to take all such meas- *"’”°”‘ ures as shall be necessary or proper to fully carry out the objects and purposes of this act. Approved, March 1, 1872. CHAP. XXV. —-An Act to constitute éilzjlegeport, in the State of Louisiana, a Port :.y" Much 1, 1g7g_ Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States ofAmcr·1Ica in Congress assembled, That Shreveport, in the State of Shreveport Louisiana, shall be, and is hereby, constituted a port of delivery, within the ${5*** “P°“ °*` collection district of New Orleans; and there shall be appointed a deputy- e13m);' I collector of customs, to reside at said port, who shall receive a salary, to be ieetsrljgzdacrgtzs. determined by the Secretary of the Treasury, not exceeding fifteen hundred dollars per annum. Approved, March 1, 1872. CHAP. XXVIII.- An Act to mdhorize the Construction of a Bridge across the Zllissauri March 5, 1872. River at or near St. Joseph, Missouri. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United }§Z3· °h£30· States of America in Congress assembled, That it shall be lawihl for “The B1}, g'] . . . • . . g€ HCYOSS St. Joseph Bridge Building Company} a corporatwn orgamzed for that me Missimi purpose under the general corporation laws of the State of Missouri, to con- gl-V3? at _¢;1¤_¤¤=¤‘ struct a bridge across the Missouri river at or near Saint Joseph, Missouri, °°°*’ ’ and to lay on and over said bridge railway tracks for the more perfect con- railway back,, nection of any and all railways that are now, or which may hereafter be, constructed to the Missouri river at or near Saint Joseph, or to the river on the opposite side of the same, near Saint Joseph; and build, erect, and lay on and over said bridge ways for wagons, vehicles of all kinds, and for the transit of animals, and to provide ways for foot-passengers, and to keep WBYS f<>f ¤°¢>0¥»- up, maintain, and operate said bridge for the purposes aforesaid; and that §;;?°§§?:s’ Wag' when said bridge is constructed, all trains of all railroads terminating at an mms of all said river, and on the opposite side thereof, at or near Saint Joseph, Mis- railroads mayusc souri, shall be allowed to cross said bridge for reasonable compensation, to “‘° b‘"‘dg°· be made to the owners of the same, under the limitations and conditions hereafter named. The owners of said bridge may also charge and receive Tolls. reasonable compensation or tolls, for the transit over the said bridge of all wagons, carriages, vehicles, animals, and foot-passengers. i Sec. 2. That any bridge built under the provisions of this act may, at Bridges may the option of the person or persons, or corporation buildingthe same, be §;e°m_ built as a drawbridge, with a pivot or other form of draw, or with unbroken wm, ,,,,,,,01;,,,, or continuous spans: Provided, That if the same shall be made of un- splaus; _ . . · · , eight of bridge broken continuous spans, it shall not be of less elevation in any case than and mgm of fifty feet above extreme high-water mark, as understood at the pomt of spans, v01.. xvn. Pun.- 8