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FORTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 339. 1873. 745 To William B. L. Thrasher, two hundred and ninety dollars Payment of To Susan Y. Thrasher, one hundred and ten dollars. gala}; Zggweg To Maitha Tiara, three hundred and sixt dollars. - m ` To Daniel Tubbs, two hundred and sixty¥nine dollars. iiionm to pmom To Benjamin S. Turner, four thousand nine hundred and fifty-eight Ambamai dollars and twenty-one cents. To Prior Turner, five hundred and seventy-two dollars. To Joshua C. `Wall, six hundred and thirty-two dollars. To Anderson Ward, five hundred and forty-eight dollars. To William Watt, one hundred and sixteen dollars. To Nancy M. Webb, two hundred dollars. To Elizabeth \Vells, six hundred and twenty-one dollars. To George `W. West, seven hundred and forty-one dollars and forty cents. To Mary J. Wilder, eighty dollars. To John H. Wilson, one hundred and thirty dollars. To WV. W. Wilson, one hundred and fifty dollars To Sarah E. Wilson, seventy-five dollars. To John Wilson, eighty-five dollars. To James M. Wilson, three hundred and fifty-four dollars To Lewis Wilson, one hundred and l‘lfty-five dollars. To lVilaby WVinchester, five hundred and eighty-seven dollars. To John N. \Vinston, administrator of the estate of W. O. Winston, two thousand three hundred and forty-six dollars and Htty cents. To Thomas J. Wood, three hundred and five dollars. To Silas P. Woodall, three hundred and sixty dollars. To Frances C. \Vright, administrator of the estate of Thomas A. Wright, eight hundred and ninety-three dollars and twenty-five cents. To Andrew J. York, one hundred and seventeen dollars. To Tapler T. York, three hundred and twelve dollars. or rms srrrrs: or ARKANSAS. Arkunsmt To Booz W. Aday, two hundred and fifty-five dollars. To Archy Anderson, two hundred_ and fifty dollars. To Emanuel W. Armistead, four hundred and sixteen dollars. To Austin Ashley, seven hundred and twentyhve dollars. To Henry Austin, two hundred and twenty-five dollars To Wiley Bailey, seven hundred and thirty dollars To Claiborn Barrios, four hundred dollars To John Bell, administrator of the estate of John M. Bell, four hun dred and thirty dollars. To_Henry C. Berna, one hundred and sixty dollars. To John Bonham, one thousand and sixteen dollars. To Jesse Bonham, six hundred and nine dollars. To Willis Boyd, four hundred and forty-Eve dollars To John Bradford, one hundred dollars. To Martha W. Bradley, five hundred dollars To Mathias Brewer, eighty-four dollars. To David Brickey, six hundred and thirty-three dollars. To James Monroe Britton, eight hundred and.forty-nine dollars. To George B. Butler, eight hundred and twenty-flve dollars. To Elijah H. Buttram, eight hundred and sixty dollars To Mary Bushong, three hundred dollars. To Abraham M. Callahan, two hundred dollars To James M. Campbell, three hundred dollars. To Joseph M. Campbell, one thousand one hundred and ninety-five dollars. To Hosea G. Cardwell, one thousand and seventy dollars.