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CONVENTION-UNITED STATES OF MEXICO. Aran. 19, 1871. 861 April 19, 871. Oonvennon between the United States of America and the United States of 'Mexico. Eaetennon ¢p" the duration of the Joint Commission for Settlement of Oiazms. Signed April 19, 1871 ; Ratified December 15, 1871; Ratifications exchanged February 8, 1872; Proclaimed February 8, 1872. BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: A PROCLAMATION. Preamble. Wnnnnns a convention between the United States of America and the United States of Mexico was concluded and signed by their respective plenipotentiaries, at the city of Mexico, on the nineteenth day of April, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy-one, for extending the time limited by the convention between the two countries of vcr_ xc_ p_ me the 4th of July, 1868, for the termination of the proceedings of the joint commission provided for by the latter instrument; which convention, being in the English and Spanish languages, is word for word as follows:- Whereas a convention was con- Considerando que fue concluida, eluded on the 4th day of July, 1868, en 4 de Julio de 1868, una convenbetween the United States of cion entre los Estados Unidos Mexi- America and the United States of canos y los Estados Unidos de Mexico, for the settlement of out- América, para el arreglo de las restandiug claims that have originated clamaciones pendientes que se habian since the si ning of the treaty of originado despues de firmado el tra- Guadalupe Plidalgo, on the 2d of tado de Guadalupe Hidalgo on 2 de V<>l·i¤- D- 922- February, 1848, by a mixed com- Febrero de 1848, por medio de una mission limited to endure for two comision mixta, cuya duracion fué years and six months from the day limitada por el término de dos afios of the first meeting of ·the commis- y seis meses, contados desde el dia sioners; and whereas doubts have de la primera reunion de los comisarisen as to the practicabllity of the ionados; y considerando que se ha business of the said commission puesto en duda la posibilidad de que being concluded within the period sean concluidos dentro del término assigned: sefialado los negocios pendientes ante dicha comision: Contracting The President of the United El Presidente de los Estados Unip“m°”‘ States of America and the President dos Mexicanos y cl Presidente de of the United States of Mexico are los Estados Unidos de América dedesirous that the time originally fixed sean que el tiempo primitivamente for the duration of the said commis- iijado para la duracion de dicha sion should be extended, and to this comision sea prorogado, y para alend have named plenipotentiaries to canzar este fin del mejor mode por agree upon the best mode of effecting medic dc una convencion han nomthis object, that is to say: The Pres- brado plenipotenciarios, a saber 2. El ident of the United States of Amer- Presidente de los Estados Umdos ica, Thomas H. Nelson, accredited as Mexicanos a Manuel Azpiroz, Oli- Envoy Extraordinary and Minister cial Mayor encargaclo del Ministerio Plenipotentiary of the United States de Relaciones Exteriores de los Esof America to the Mexican Republic; tados Unidos Mexicanos ; ly el Preand the President of the United States sidente de los Estados mdos do of Mexico, Manuel Azpiroz, Chief América a Thomas H. Nelson,. acre- Clerk and in charge of the Ministry ditado como Enviado Extraordmarro of Foreign Relations of the United y Ministro Plenipotenciarrode los States of Mexico ; who, after having' Estados Unidos de América en presented their respective powers, Mexico; quienes, despues de haberse