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874 TREATY WITH GREAT BRITAIN. MAY 8, 1871. Anrrcnn XXXI. d gwvisjon gs to The government of her Britannic Majesty further engages to urge upon cl'ft*;n°f,I;I’;’€* the parliament of the dominion of Canada and the legislature of New some down me Brunswick, that no export duty, or other duty, shall be levied on lumbergjpmngge OF iimbéf of any kind cut on that portion of the American territory in the United stm, State of Maine watered by the river St. John and IDS tributaries, and noiré New Bruns- floated down that river to the sea, when the same is shipped to the United mc · States from the province of New Brunswick. And, in case any such export or other duty continues to be levied after the expiration of one year from the date of the exchange of the ratifications of this treaty, it is agreed that the government of the United States may suspend the right of . carrygng herelinbefore granted under Article XXX. of this treaty for such perm as suc export or other duty may be levied. Arrrronn XXXII. Provisions of It is further agreed that the provisions and stipulations of Articles

¤ Xviiigot XVIH. to XXV. of this treaty, inclusive, shall extend to the colony of

Next-0%;§I;§d_ ° Newfoundland, so far as they are applicable. But if the imperial parliament, the legislature of Newfoundland, or the Congress of the United States, shall not embrace the colony of Newfoundland in their laws en- ' acted for carrying the foregoing articles into eifect, then this article shall Pf°’~’¤¤¢>· be of no eifeet; but the omission to make provision by law to give it effect, by either of the legislative bodies aforesaid, shall not in any way impair any other articles of this treaty. Anrxonn XXXHI. Articles xviii. The foregoing Articles XVIII. to XXV., inclusive, and Article XXX.

  • ° XX"·”“d *****1* of this treatv, shall take effect as soon as the laws required to carry them

cle xxx. when to . . · , , , mk, wm, Etc opergatrplp shall have beienj passed by the imperial parliament of Great ritain y e par iament o anada, and by the legislature of Prince Edward’s Island on the one hand, and by the Congress of the United States howlongto on the other. Such assent having been given, the said articles shall re- °°’m““°· main in force for the period of ten years from the date at which they may come into operation; and further until the expiration of two years after either of the high contracting parties shall have given notice to the other of pits wish to terminate the same; each of the high contracting parties being at hberty to give such notice to the other at the end of the said period of ten years or at any time afterward. Anrronn XXXIV. The decision as Whereas it was stipulated by Article I. of the treaty concluded at WVash-

<>¤‘pé>r¤i¤={¤i’ ?¤ iugton on the 15th of June, 1846, between the United States and her Bri-
 $5,,5 tannic Majesty, that the line of boundary between the territories of the

States and._Brit- United States and those of her Britannic Majesty, from the point on the glgsgggssggggzkv forty-ninth parallel of north latitude up to which it had already been ascer- M m- d · tained should be continued westward along the said parallel of north latitpguiilrstliiirtiizlie gi tude J to the middle of the channel which separates the continent from $';°n;'§g*Y1g;6 to Vancouver’s Island, and thence southerly, through the middle of the said beige 5 the Qs. channel and of Fuca Straits, to the Pacific Ocean ;" and whereas the ggagig 3; 8;- commissioners appointed by the two high contracting parties to determine mfr that portion of the boundary which runs southerly through the middle of Volk. P. Bw the channel aforesaid, were unable to agree upon the same; and whereas the government of her `Britannie Majesty claims that such boundary line should, under the terms of the treaty above recited, be run through the Rosario Straits, and the government of the United States claims that it