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888 POSTAL CONVENTION- GREAT BRITAIN. JUNE 30 & JULY 27, 1871. Remittance by shall at the same time give the name and address of the person to whom °’d"¤ ‘”f°m °*h°¥ the amount is to be paid in the United Kingdom, and his own name and postrofiices; address. Any person in the United Kingdom desiring to remit to the United States a sum of money, within the same limits, may pay it into any money- order office of the United Kingdom, giving at the same time the name and exact address of the person to whom the amount is to be paid in the United States, and his own name and address. The receiving postmaster in either country shall, in accordance with the rules established by his postal administration, notify every such payment to the despatching exchange office. The postmaster of New York, upon receipt of every notification of that kind, shall make out and forward to the payee in the United Kingdom a money-order payable in sterling at the post—office in that country designated by the remitter of the order, it being understood that the money- orders so remitted shall be sent, in the first instance, to the controller of the money-order office in London, and shall not be subject to postage. Axvrrcrn VII. exchange amos By every mail the exchange office of each country shall send to the gf <==¤¤§¤ ¤¤¤{;;f£ exchange office of the other country a certified list of sums payable in that 1;,,;% 5x;':,;" country, and received since the despatch of the previous list. by every mail. As soon as any such list shall have reached the New York office and Inland money- been verified, this office shall make out inland money-orders in favor of °'d°"· the payees for the amount specified in the list, and shall promptly forward them to the payees or to the paying office, in conformity with the regulations existing in the United States, for the payment of money-orders. The list forwarded to the United Kingdom shall be accompanied by the relative letters of advice of the orders entered therein, together with the orders themselves, as already settled in Article VI. After comparison with the list, the advices shall be despatched to the offices drawn upon, and the letters inclosing the orders posted for delivery. Forms of lists. The lists, by means of which each office of exchange communicates with the other, shall be according to the Forms A and B, annexed. Aurrcnm VIII. Ligtg Lg bg The lists despatched from each office of exchange shall be numbered {¤¤¤}b°¤'¤dy ¤¤d consecutively, commencing with No. I. at the beginning of each year, and ml" the entries also in these lists shall have consecutive numbers, those in the lists from the United Kingdom commencing each calendar month with No. I. _ Duplicate Of each list despatched from New York, a duplicate shall be sent, which msi duplicate shall, after being verided at the British office, be returned to New York. Anrronn IX. to be trans- Should any list fail to be received, in due course, the despatching office mitwdl Whew shall, on receiving information to that effect, transmit without delay a &°' duplicate of the list, duly certified as such. Anrrcnn X. Errors to be Each office of exchange shall promptly communicate to the other the ¢<*"°°*°d· correction of any simple error which it may discover in the verification of the lists. When the lists shall show irregularities which the receiving office shall not be able to rectify, that office shall apply for an explanation from the despatching office; and this explanation shall be afforded without delay