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POSTAL CONVENTION—DENl\IARK.· Nov. 7 & DEC. 1, 1871. 909 disclose an error of any kind in the register-list, it shall be also by the acknowledged. first mail notified to the dispatching office. ARTICLE VII. All letters exchanged between the two offices shall indicate, by stamp Letters to be or writing thereon, the office of origin, and the unpaid letters so ex- mmpedrmd changed shall also be stamped with the name of the dispatching office of h°W‘ exchange. Correspondence fully paid to destination shall be stamped “Paid all," in the United States, and "Fmnk0 " in Denmark. Registered articles shall be stamped “Rcgistered," in the United States, and “Rec0mmandcret," in Denmark. Correspondence insufficiently paid shall be stamped “ bzszgjicicntly paid," in the United States, and “I/?ilsrcekkcZigfrankerct," in Denmark, and the amount of the deficient postage expressed in figures on the face. Correspondence dispatched by the direct line between the respective countries shall be stamped “Direct servicc," or “Service direct." When dispatched via Germany, it shall be stamped to indicate German transit. Anrxonn VIII. The two post departments are mutually to furnish each other with Each departlists stating the foreign countries to which the foreign postage, and the &§‘g§g;‘f amounts thereof; must be absolutely prepaid, or can be left unpaid; and eign countries to until such lists are furnished, neither country is to mail to the other any which &°· correspondence for foreign countries in transit through the country to which the mail is sent. Such lists shall also indicate the foreign countries with which registered correspondence may be exchanged in the open mails between the respective offices and the conditions thereof. ARTICLE IX. The respective exchange offices shall mark in red in/:, in the upper left Marks {0, ,,,,;,1 corner of the address of prepaid letters sent for transit_ in the open mail, wd ¤¤¤I>¤i<i P<>¤¤— the amount of the postage due for exterior service to the country through °g°` which the same are forwarded, and in the same manner, but in black in/c, shall mark the amount due for postage to the forwarding office upon the unpaid letters so sent in transit. ARTICLE X. Letters originating in or destined for foreign countries, sent in the I3S;1fg¢i¤¤gyb6 open mails through the United States or through Denmark, and which fzgrkeg :;i,,,,d_ are insufficiently paid, shall be transmitted as wholly unpaid, and no account taken between the two administrations of the amount prepaid; but letters and other correspondence originating in foreign countries, and addressed to the United States or to Denmark, respectively, on which the foreign and international postage charges are fully prepaid, shall,. when forwarded through the mails of either country to the other, be delivered in the country of destination free of charge. Anrrcns XI. The letters and all registered articles mutually returned as not deliver- Lettcrslung I able shall be accompanied by a statement exhibiting the number of orch- ;;§;;;‘;f “‘ ‘° “ nary letters, and the number and addresses of the registered articles so returned, and the aggregate amount reclaimed thereon from the dispatch-