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910 POSTAL CONVENTION-DENMARK. Nov. 7 & DEC. 1, 1871. ing office, which statement shall be verified and acknowledged as early as practicable. Expense of _ The expense of transit of unpaid correspondence which has been transggfgggofdggggld mitted by either administration in closed mails, and which shall be re- ° turned to the dispatching office as not deliverable, shall be deducted from the original amount charged for transit, upon a declaration of the amount by the office claiming the reduction. No charge will be made by either administration for the transit of correspondence returned as not deliverable. ARTICLE XII. Misclirected All correspondence wrongly addressed or missent shall be returned

f;§;;';;_°°" without delay by the receiving office to the exchange office which dispatched it. The receiving office shall also correct accordingly, in the

column of verification, the original entries of the letter-bill relating to such correspondence. The articles of a like nature addressed to persons who have changed their residence shall be mutually forwarded, charged with the rate that would have been paid at the first destination, or returned for the amount, if any, originally charged against the receiving office. ARTICLE XIII. tlééttéfbglls **2 The dispatching exchange office shall state on the letter-bills to the in-

£ée“F£9S?r§c_ termediate exchange offices the exact number of single rates of letters, or

weight, if required, and the total weight of the other correspondence, which shall be dispatched in closed mails. ARTICLE XIV. Accounts to be It is understood that the accounts between the two offices shall be °“"·bHSh?d °“ established on the respective letter-bills in the proper money of the diswhat basis. . . . — . . patching office; but the International postages on the unpaid or msuiiiciently paid letters shall be computed in the money of the receiving Equivalents in country. In entering the foreign charges on the letter- bill in the money 1¤0¤¢Y· of the dispatching office, the cent of the United States and 1% skilling of Denmark shall be taken as equivalents. ARTICLE XV. Quarterly ac- The quarterly accounts shall be prepared by the respective postal ad- °°“¤”· ministrations, and shall be based upon the acknowledgments of receipt. A recapitulation of these accounts, showing the definitive results alike for the debit and credit, shall be prepared by the United States officc, and shall then betransmitted, with the accounts on which it is based, for the examination of the post—0flice of Denmark. ARTICLE XVI. Accounts as to It is understood that so long as no accounts are kept between the Posti¤t<>¤¤¤¤i0¤=¤l office departments of the two countries of the international postages on P°"“g”‘ the correspondence exchanged between them, so much of the preceding articles as relates to the preparation and adjustment of the postal accounts shall not be taken to include or comprise the international postages in such adjustment. Forms. The forms for accounting such postages shall be arranged by mutual agreement whenever either office shall claim accounts of the international postages, to be kept and settled as provided in Article IX. of the convention. But the amounts of postage, or other tax for exterior service accru-