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56 FORTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 119, 125. 1872. _ CHAP. CXIX.-A Actt ¢ due T' the C' lation of the Tm R J

 gan   at gap? llefrlid, in thslgtdzqf Miglban, to Fort igdwgd, TZ mm

ay, in e late of isconsin.

g;;;`°,§°;r Be it enacted by the Senate cmd House of Representatives of the United

P S 6 . . . tary road from States of America m Congress assembled, That the time for the construc-

 ¥,V,:£‘;:§*° tion and completion of the military road from Fort Wilkins, at Copper

extended, wm, Harbor, in the State of Michigan, to Fort Howard, at Green Bay, in the gisinel fights, State of Wisconsin, be, and the same is hereby, extended until the first {{,63, eh_ ,0, day of January, eighteen hundred and seventy-four. . I , Vol. xii. p. 797. Sec. 2. That all the grants, rights, and prmleges contained m the ,},362 5,%,, original grant be continued in full force and virtue for said time. 18+0, ci;. b3.' Approved, April 24, 1872. Vol. xvi, p. 121. .._.

 CHAP. CXXV`.—An Act relating to Proposals and Contracts for Transportation of

SegR1gg:,“1;g‘326 the Mails, and for other Purposes. l 330.] ’ ’ Be it enacted the Senate and House of Representatives of the Dhized _Perscns bid, States of America in Congress assembled, That any person or persons gisgsfgg *:1¤'>’;¤S bidding for the transportation of the mails upon any route which may be ,,8,,,, ,.,,,,,,,,,r:,,d advertised to be let, and receiving an award of the contract for such awarded the con- service, who shall wrongfully refuse or fail to enter into contract with

jf,,c*;"vjQ,fgg_ the postmaster-general, in due form, and perform the service described

muy rggusgng I, in his or their bid or proposal, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and, <=;¤¥¤t;‘i¤*¤8;l¤¤ Q on conviction thereof; be punished by a fine not exceeding five thousand gang,:??:;, Os'; dollars, and by imprisonment for a term not exceeding twelve months. misdemeanor, $EC. 2. That each bid for carrying the mail shall hereafter have aflixed gdgszggf to it the oath of the bidder, taken before an oillcer qualified to administer 8,,,,, of b,,,,,,,,, oaths, that he has the ability pecuniarily to fulfil his obligations, and that tg lptatuscdw the bid is made in good faith and with the intention to enter` into confyfng Sm gulf" tract and perform the service, in case his bid shall be accepted; and- that mdmmnmlf the signatures of his guarantors are genuine, and' that he believes said WNW- guarantors pecuniarily responsible for and able to pay all damages the Ilmted States shalll suiier by reason of the b1dder’s failing to perform his o igations as suc bidder. pcmuy uw, Sec. 3. That any postmaster or other officer of the Post-oilioe Deg;¤:,¤g:,1*fg¤»m;¥é•;; partment who shall his signature to the certificate of sufficiency of cm of Wm_ guarantors ‘or sureties before the guaranty or contract is signed by the ciency of guar- guarantors or sureties, or shall knowingly make any false or illusory cer· §,‘2°'grbg;f’?;,°w_ t1ficate,shall be forthwith dismissed from oihee and shall be deemed guilty Hy m,,k,,,g ,, of a misdemeanor, and shall, on conviction thereon be punished by a fine certificate- not exceeding one thousand dollars, or by imprisonment not exceeding one year, or ot . V No bidder re. Sno, 4. That no bidder for carrying the mails shall be released from §*;°%d Mm had his obligation under his bid or proposal, notwithstanding an award made t,, ,,),;,1:;.**,:;,*;,,,,, to a lower bidder, until a contract for the designated service shall have unti1,&c. been duly executed by such lower bidder and his sureties, and accepted, and the service epltcred upon by the contractor to the satisfaction of the postmustengener . _;; any ,,,,,,1,,, . Sec. 5. That aiter any regular bidder or contractor for the transportal>;<le<l§¤;,r<'§¤1c,,t;z;l;_tion of the mail upon any route shall have tailed to enter into contract,

,::,*;f2g;,.:3::t·,, ?££tfF'§é“EZ?£i°¤i€i §f§mdf°”"“2ff"Zt$°’°Zf *22 fE'°“‘ ‘2*‘f"“°‘l’ $3 ‘°°F“'

· _ _ I rac wi e nex owes 1 er or d° wht- such service, who will enter mto a contract and perform the same, unless the postmastergeneral shall consider such bid too high; in which case

 he shall re—advertise such service. and in   cases of regular contracts

,.,,,,,,,, m,,,,,,,, hereafter made,_the contract may, in the discretion of the postmastergoxépgpgerélpstppt general,) be continued 1H force beyond its express terms for a period not excee g six months, until a new contract with the same or other contractors shall be made by the postmaster-general.