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58 FORTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 126, 129, 130. 1872. United States at the time said land was taken by the military authorities for a hay reserve as afbresaid. Approved, April 29, 1872.

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M · 700, TTI B ZOII lr83E 2g; (good, Igaresitzzod Merc}iandise in Bond through certain Ports in the State of erm;. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Cemmim. States of America in Congress assembled, That section second of the act Ed_€¤l;<?l*;¢ah¤¤· of August thirtieth, eighteen hundred and fifty-two, entitled “An act for cxomgmlto authorizing imported goods, wares, and merchandise, entered and bonded certain places in for warehousing in pursuance of law, to be exported by certain routes to mflw ports and places in Mexico," be so amended that imported merchandise, ,,;,,,`§gc_duly entered and bonded at a port of the United States, and withdrawn from warehouse in accordance with existing law, for exportation for San Fernando, Paso del Norte, and Chihuahua, in Mexico, shall pass through Indianola, the port of entry for the district of Saluria, in the State of Texas, under such regulations as the Secretary of the Treasury shall prescribe, as well as through the port of Lavaca, in said district, as required by said section. Approved, April 30, 1872. May l, 1872- CHAP. CXDI. —An Act to amend an Act entitled "An Act to authorize the Construc-

 tion of a Bridge across the Missouri River at or near St. Joseph, Missou2·i," approved

Ame, p_ 33 March fjlh, eighteen hundred and seventy-two. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United st. Joseptr States of America in Congress assembled, That the first section of the act en-

ub“:);_l‘§ titled "An act to authorize the construction of a bridge across the Missouri

gggipng guy river at or near St. Joseph, Missouri," approved March fifth, eighteen hunlmili b¤·i¤ls§I_ dred and seventy-two, be, and the same is hereby, amended so as to read as ggsgiiglfr ,,,1;} follows: Section 1. That it shall be lawful for the St. Joseph Bridge Buildnear St. Joseph; ing Company, a corporation organized for that purpose under the general corporation laws of the State of Missouri, or'its assigns, to construct a bridge across the Missouri river at or near St. Joseph, Missouri, and to lay on and runway tracks; over said bridge railway tracks for the more perfect connection of any and all railways that are now, or which may hereafter be, constructed to the Missouri river at or near St. Joseph, or to the river on .the opposite side my, M {0,,4;. of the same, near St. Joseph; and build, erect, and lay on and over said passengers. me- bridge ways for wagons, vehicles of all kinds, and` for the transit of animals, °"* &°' ’ and to provide ways for foot-passengers, and to keep up, maintain, and operate said bridge for the purposes afbresaid; and that when said bridge is conall trains of all structed, all trains of all railroads terminating at said river, and on the

§§‘;’Sg;:“Y ““ opposite side thereof, at or near St. Joseph, Missouri, shall be allowed to

cross said bridge for reasonable compensation,‘to be made to the owners of Tolls. the same, under the limitations and conditions hereafter named. The owners of said bridge may also charge and receive reasonable compensation or tolls for the transit over the said bridge of all wagons, carriages, vehicles, animals, and foot-passengers. ` big- QT Seo. 2. That the fifth section of the act of which this is amendatory be, comgamy Lot tg and the same IS hereby, amended so as to read as follows: Section .5. That assign its dimer. the St. Joseph Bridge Building Company, after the passage of this act, shall Vg7g3b- 2*;% not have the right to assign the charter which said company now holds by ' `p assignment from the St. Joseph and Denver City Railroad Company, and which was granted to said company by virtue of an act of Congress, approved July fourteenth, eighteen hundred and seventy, to any other company, person, or persons; nor shall said bridge building company be permitted, under the said charter so obtained as aforesaid, from the St. Joseph and Denver City Railroad Company to construct any other bridge than the one now being constructed at St. Joseph, Missouri: Provided,