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82 FORTYFOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 179. 1876.. _Wl¤>¤ °<>mP*=¤¤¤· on money order business, of any postmaster of this class shall amount fj,"“ ‘”j°3“f’, °“° to one thousand dollars, the Auditor shall report such fact to the Post. °uS°° ° m' master·General, in order that such postmaster may be assigned to his _ proper class, and his salary fixed as heretofore provided. Biennial resid- SEO. 9. That the salariesof postmasters of? the first, second, and third .lP¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ <>f ¤¤i¤- classes shall be re-adjusted by the Postmaster-General once in two years, “°*" and in special cases, on the application of the postmaster, as much oftener as the Postmaster-General may deem expedient. A¤¤ig¤!m<>¤t¤t9·. Sec. 10. That the Postmaster-General shall make all orders assigning °f F*1“"‘°“ l° b° m or changing the salaries of postmasters in writing, and record them in mmHg' his journal, and notify the change to the Auditor; and any change made in such salaries shall not take tarot until the first day of the quarter . Proviso. next following such order: Provided, That in ca ses of not less than fifty per ccntum increase or decrease in the business of any post·office, the Postmaster-General may adjust the salary of the postmaster at such office to take effect from the first day of the quarter or period thereturns for which form the basis of re-adjustment. Dlmlbllllug and Sec. 11. That the Postmaster-General may designate offices at the separating offices. intersection of mail-routes as distributing or separating offices; and where any such office is of the third or fourth class, he may make a Allowance fg l- reasonable allowance to the postmaster for the necessary cost of clerical clerks. services arising from such duties, and the provisions of this act relating to apld fixin gl the compensation or salaries of postmastcrs shall take effect on the nrst ay of cto er next. _ Limit of salary. SEO. 12. No salary of any postmaster under this act shall exceed the salary at New Sum of four thousand dollars per annum, except in the city of New York. York, which salary shall remain as now fixed by law; and no salary of Salary of certain any postmaster where the appointment is now presidential shall be re- P°SlmaS*€F?“°°’°· duced by the compensation herein established until the next re-adjust d"°°’d‘u°m ‘ _ ment below the sum of one thousand dollars per annum. - 1 C3mP°¤:°€}gF of Sec. 13. That rail-road-companies whose railroad was constructed in · rzgdfran I whole or in part by a land grant made by Congress on the condition that the mails should be- transported over their road at such price as Congress should by law direct shall receive only eighty per centum of the compensation authorized by this act. Price of stamped Sec. 14. No stamped envelopes or newspaper-wrappers shall be sold 0*1 V°1°P°¤ and by the -l?ost·Ci1lce Department at less (in addition to the legal pbstage) gg§p°p°rw"‘P' than the cost, including all salaries, clerk-hire, and other expenses connected therewith. Rates on news- Sec. 15. That transient newspapers and magazines, regular publica- £]*§:,g· gf-· t33g tions designed primarily for advertising purposes, or for free circulation, cms _ or for c1rculation at nominal rates, and all printed matter of the third class, except unsealed circulars, shall be admitted to and be transmitted in the mails at the rate of one cent for every two ounces or fractional part thereotQ and one cent for each two additional ounces or fractional part thereof, and the sender of any article of the third class of mail- _W hat i¤¤¤PiP· matter may write his or her name or address therein, or on the outside “°“’ °’u°“’°°· thereof, with the word “from" above or preceding the same, or may write briefly or print on any package the number and names of the - articles enclosed. Publishers of newspapers and periodicals may print on the wrappers of newspapers or magazines Sent from the office of pub- _ lication to regular subscribers the time to which subscription therefor p0€g,‘}:am°“ °“ has been paid. And addresses upon postal cards and unsealed circulars ' may} be either written, printed, or afiixed thereto, at the option of the sen er. R°P°°·l°· Sec. 16. That all acts or parts of acts in conflict with the provisions of this act are hereby repealed Approved, July 12, 1876. `